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Blog MotzCTG > Shred Nebula First Game Footage

Posted 15 July 2008

Here is a link to the 1st ever video footage released for Shred Nebula. Enjoy!
www.shrednebula.com/ShredNebula_XBLA_1st_Reveal.wmv Note: (requires Windows Media Player 9+ to be 60FPS!)
For release date info, you can read more at: www.djamesgoddard.com and www.shrednebula.com

This is a game that I have been working on for the last year and a half or s...

Blog MotzCTG > Wah!

Posted 07 July 2008

WAH = Work at home. What a great concept. So you wake up late, you know you aren't going to make it into work on time so you just VPN into work, shoot out an e-mail saying you are going to WAH in the morning, and then you just sit and work away. Obviously there are limits to using this, but I just love it.