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Blog LordVila > My weekend pickup

Posted 20 February 2012

This weekend I took a break from :360: Kingdoms of Amalur and went to the flea market. I went with one of my good friends who happens to be a retro games collector like myself. After walking around for awhile and only managing to snag a few Sega CD games for very cheap we came across an incredibly cluttered booth. As we try and traverse the booth my fr...

Blog LordVila > Someone must be a big 3DS fan

Posted 06 December 2011


Saw this today on my lunch break.

Blog LordVila > In Memoriam of Chuplayer

Posted 15 May 2011

Since Chuplayers banishment poor Yukino has went through a bit of a transformation:



Blog LordVila > The Rugrats Connection to Lost Odyssey

Posted 14 February 2011

As I was playing through :360: Lost Odyssey something sounded familiar about Cooke's voice. Her voice reminded me of something from my childhood, and that was Rugrats. So after some brief detective work on IMDb.com I discovered that the voice actor of Cooke was the same voice actor as Lil and Phil DeVille from the Rugrats.

Upon further investigation I...