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<Insert Clever Title Here> > My First Beta

Posted 03 February 2009

Gaining acces to the CAG beta is my first beta. I havent really ever foundout about a beta i could do or cared about. So yay.
I really like the new look of the profile page and the tabs. The inclusion of the 360 avatars was a real good touch. I also love the touch of the awards (makes me feel special).
I cant wait to see how the games section looks, but...

<Insert Clever Title Here> > My day out aka free space marines, no ninjas, yes ninja, yes foam

Posted 17 January 2009

I went out today to try to Price Match Ninja Gaiden II at CC. Before I go on i have to report a wierd occurance, the CC staff was active and helpful, wierd right? While i was grabbing the game, i saw Halo 3 wall stickers for 1 cent. I can't pass up pennied out items so i grabbed a couple. I then went up to ask if I could price match, she said she had to...

<Insert Clever Title Here> > X-box 360 pro for $50

Posted 28 November 2008

X-360 pro holiday bundle with Lego Indiana Jones and kung Fu Panda bundle: $323.24 with tax
+ free copy of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 (black friday deal)
-$75 in giftcards from E-Rewards
-$200 in gift cards from Sprite/MyCokeRewards contest
= $48.24 out of pocket cost.

Man I love being a CAG

P.s. also got Burnout Paradise for $20 from Target

<Insert Clever Title Here> > This is why I love CAG

Posted 08 November 2008

Yesterday I got the ps2 version of Major League Baseball 2k8 from Dunkin Donuts. Today I got a 8GB zune from Pepsi, ironically the same day I put my last 65 points in a zune sweep. Only with CAG can you get this much stuff for free in 2 days. Every week it seems I get a little something from CAG. If it's not free stuff, from zunes to mp3's, then its great...

<Insert Clever Title Here> > Please don't flash the White Shark

Posted 28 August 2008

The Monterey Bay Aquarium recently welcomed it's fourth White Shark in as many years. When they've had White Sharks in the past, it's been quite a sight to see. They are juvinelle sharks, so they aren't the epic size of full grown adults, but they are still inpressive at this smaller size. If you have the chance to come check it out you should. I should b...