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#14303495 Nintendo eShop Deals - 7/30: DBZ & Two Tribes Sales! $8 Chasm,...

Posted by DavidD on 04 July 2020 - 03:54 AM

Has anyone here played Damascus Gear Operation Osaka? It's an isometric mech battle arena/dungeon crawler from Arc System Works. Seems to have pretty mixed to decent reviews. MSRP is $19.99, but it's on sale for $2.40 until July 8th.

https://www.nintendo...ld's currency).



It's $2.39 on PlayStation Network as well.  They're having a big sale on Arc System Works games there too.

I just stumbled across this deal -- not sure how I missed it.  For $2.40, it seems reasonably interesting...

#14302829 GameStop Email Coupon (YMMV) - Save $10 on $50 (In-Store Only)

Posted by DavidD on 02 July 2020 - 03:24 AM

$10 off $60.


No idea what to try using it on, if anything...

#14300157 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by DavidD on 23 June 2020 - 08:19 AM

I got the Toki Retro Collector Switch pack in a local store today for $15.99 - $5.00 pro certificate... about $11 for the mini cabinet seems almost worth it.

#14299223 Nintendo eShop Deals - 7/30: DBZ & Two Tribes Sales! $8 Chasm,...

Posted by DavidD on 19 June 2020 - 03:45 AM

Hey folks... a few publishers regularly offer discounts on titles for owners of OTHER games by the same publisher.  These discounts only appear if you browse the eShop page for the game on your Switch, which makes it difficult to find such discounts.


Anyway, the following discounts appear to be active at the moment, although I don't know when they'll end -- the info will be on the game's page on your Switch's eShop if you're eligible, though.


  • Drageus Games publisher (lots of shovelware)
    • Genetic Disaster- $2.99 instead of $14.99 if you own one of several other Drageus games.
    • Pew Paw -- $0.99 instead of $6.99 if you own of several other Drageus games.
    • Funbox Party -- FREE instead of $0.39 if you own one of several other Drageus games.
  • Ultimate Games publisher (seems like slightly higher quality shovelware)
    • Climbros -- $7.92 instead of $8.41 if you own one of several other Ultimate games. (Okay, it's a tiny discount, but...)
  • 7Levels publisher
    • Destrobots-- $4.99 instead of $9.99 if you own one of several other 7Levels games


Useful notes for anyone interested in finding ownership discounts:

  • Discount information (dates, required titles) only appears on the Switch eShop - not the web based one.  If you want to know what titles enable the discount, you need to browse the game description on the Switch.
  • Discounts will automatically display on the Switch eShop if you are eligible.  Browse any list of games and the discounts you are eligible for will be displayed.  While you can purchase these games at the same discount on the web eShop, the actual discount won't be displayed until you click through the PURCHASE GAME link.
  • If you sort a list of games by price, the sorting is done by the standard public price/discount, and does not reflect any special discount you are eligible for.  The easiest way to "browse" for personal discounts is to sort a list of games by price, then scroll down the list looking for any price that appears out of place.  A free title for you that is normally $9.99 for everyone else will appear with the other $9.99 games.
  • If you add a title to your wish list, the web wish list WILL display the current discount for any games you are eligible for.

I wish there were an easy way to quickly check for discounts -- a few of the cheap software companies appear to regularly be marking various games as free to owners of other titles, probably to bump up their sales/download ratings on the eShop.  Drageus, Baltaro, Ultimate, Qubic, and Cool Small Games have all given away titles in the past several months.

#14296497 Amazon - 15% Cash Back on Nintendo eShop Cards for Amazon Card Members - Ends...

Posted by DavidD on 11 June 2020 - 08:04 AM

This seemed like it might be applicable to many folks' interests:


Amazon appears to be offering 15% cash back on Nintendo eShop card purchases until July 5th.





I posted this in the Nintendo eShop deals thread, but it occurred to me that this might be of interest to most Switch owners.

#14296493 Nintendo eShop Deals - 7/30: DBZ & Two Tribes Sales! $8 Chasm,...

Posted by DavidD on 11 June 2020 - 07:07 AM

It looks like Amazon is giving 15% cash back on eShop card purchases for Amazon Card members.



I'm pondering stocking up again, as I don't think we'll see 20% or better deals any time soon.

#14252641 New Monthly $5 Dollar Cert for Power Up Rewards Pro

Posted by DavidD on 04 January 2020 - 06:16 AM

As I was trading in excess Christmas gifts today (why return a $30 BOTW to Walmart when I can get $45 in credit?), I got a Pro account and the $5 coupon...


Even though clerks previously said it would work on anything, and the code on the receipt says it's good on anything OTHER than pre-owned stuff, it doesn't work on eShop cards -- nor Nintendo Online memberships, nor Nintendo Switch game download codes.


Weirdly, it will work on PSN cards -- but not on MS cards.  I didn't want either of those, but today's clerk said that was his experience.


The only "logic"  he could come up with is that the Nintendo cards have a dollar amount listed, and the PSN cards have "points"...