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Advice on "basic" tablets needed.

25 November 2015 - 08:17 PM

So after leaving my Ipad with my mom for a few weeks, I was surprised when she did a pretty good job of using it for different basic functions.


Now that I want my Ipad back, I was thinking about getting her a tablet for christmas, and while a new Ipad is a bit too much to spend, I've been looking for different options, and would like to pick one with the upcoming Black Friday deals.


I have seen the Target deal for $269 w/ $80 gift card for a ipad mini 2, and this seems like a much better deal than most ipads, but I'm curious if there were any issues with the mini2 since its now up to a mini 4.


Since she has been using a kindle for years (first original, then paperwhite), she is very familiar with Amazon, and some of the prime deals they have for there lineup of Fire tablets might be a good start.   I was thinking possibly the Fire HD 8 for $149, or maybe even the basic new Fire model they released is going to be $39 for BF, and thats crazy low.      Also, since she's used to the IOS from my ipad and her iphone, I thought the fire os might be an easier switch than going straight to android.


As far as other android tablets like Samsung galaxy tab or Nexus, I'm just really unfamiliar with those, and would be afraid that I might pick an outdated one, or one with known issues.


The basic use of the tablet would be for email, web browsing, photo browsing, and some basic apps.  She really enjoyed using an NIV Study bible app on her iphone, and it is also available in the amazon and Fire app stores.    Also, I would probably set up a chromecast or Fire stick (which I already have) so that she could stream some netflix and stuff on her tv.



Thanks for reading the wall of text, and I hope I'm in the right forum.    I absolutely love this site and have been addicted to it for years.    


Happy Thanksgiving