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In Topic: Anyone ever get bored of collecting?

02 July 2015 - 03:53 AM

Thanks for the tips! What would you say sells best? I understand diversity is a good thing, but is there a product that moves more than others?

I've thought about going to Anime Central for years, but they are probably the most strict of the conventions around here. $750 booth fee minimum (still cheaper than C2E2 or Wizard World) and they have a lot of restrictions. Maybe I'll try one of the smaller Anime conventions in Chicago.

If Anime Central draws 30k, $700 is a bargain if you have enough inventory. Animazement only gets around 12k in attendance. I'd guess with 30k people, I could have easily made $18 - $20k.

When I sell at small events I typically struggle to break $3k, so not sure if you should waste your time with anything that has a lower attendance than 5k.

Games sell best, hands down - in specific PS1/PS2 games sell phenomenally. Also, anything Nintendo that is older than the Wii. What I would recommend is if you get a booth put as much stuff in it as you can fit while keeping it easy to browse. You never know what will sell. I had five seasons of Andromeda that I almost didn't bring to Animazement because I doubted they would sell. They actually sold in under 3 hours on the first day for about $200 total. If it's something nerdy, it stands a chance to sell.

Focus on games and media, though. Price fairly and you'll move inventory fast.

As for your question about convention markup - most game dealers at cons will mark games up 20 - 30 percent above retail. They do this because they need to maintain an inventory and can afford to sit on their stock. I mark 10 - 15 percent below retail because I only sell at one con and I want to move as much as possible while still making the same as I would if I sold online.

In Topic: Anyone ever get bored of collecting?

01 July 2015 - 03:12 PM

I can't imagine pulling that much from a booth. I've done some free comic shows, but I only made about $300 a day. What are you selling at the con?

Games, consoles, accessories, DVDs (anime, sci-fi, fantasy, or animated stuff only), and strategy guides. The key is pricing fairly - don't try to pull in convention markup or things won't sell. I mark everything at 10 - 15% less than the online average (passing my savings on fees to my customers at the con).

To make things really easy, I price everything to the nearest $5 increment and I don't charge tax. That way I only need a big stack of $5 bills for change. Make sure you have a square reader to accept credit/debit cards. I use a sharpee and blue painters tape to price things (very easy to peel off). For my booth, I have two collapsable tables and some cheapo media shelves from walmart. I use those shelves plus a bunch of free boxes from Costco to display my inventory.

My booth always looks crazy unprofessional but I always do well. I've doubled my profit every year since I started doing it in 2010. Many people now make my booth their first stop at the con!

Make sure to target anime cons if you have one in your area (most states have at least one). There's a wider overlap between anime culture and gaming than with comic culture and gaming. I'd say 90% of anime fans are into gaming in some capacity whereas that number would be much lower for comic collectors.

In Topic: Anyone ever get bored of collecting?

01 July 2015 - 01:29 AM

I got suikoden 2 disc only with manual for $5 all those games were $35 together. $5 a piece expect lunar was four discs so the guy wanted $10.

That was very small peas compared to my sega haul last month.

Problem for me isn't needing to sell its the spending. Because every time I get profit I technically have no profit because its used to fund more things. Basically instead of seeing more profits I keep taking that money and buying other things. So money never goes to a surplus while materialistic collectibles do.

My collection is growing and not my bank account. To the point if I'm not on a mortgage but renting I need to question whether I want a collection worth $20,000 dollars and keep renting or that is a down payment.

Or alternative is stop spending money on wants over the next few years like 2-3 years and rather then doubling my collection again from where its at today use those funds to get a nice way into a down payment on a place.

I resigned myself to only collecting for two consoles (Dreamcast and Saturn). I have games for the other systems but they're games I bought in the past and played at release. Early on when I started reselling games I was keeping every interesting game I found for my collection. I realized after a year or so that I wasn't playing them and really didn't need them.

Now my problem is I don't list stuff fast enough and am probably sitting on $20k of stuff. It's hard to justify selling things now when prices have bottomed out until the Winter.

If you happen to build up a big inventory like I have, I'd strongly recommend looking into any anime conventions in your area and getting a dealer booth. I sell yearly at NC's Animazement con. Booths are only $400 and I made something like $13k in a single weekend. It's WAY better than dealing with eBay.

In Topic: The Official 2015 Yard Sale Thread

01 July 2015 - 01:13 AM

Yeah, man I found Shenmue Limited Edition (DC) a couple years ago. I don't know if it's complete or not. I still have it, found it after looking through my disc games' drawer. I finally decided to play it today and I'm currently looking for Charlie who has a tattoo, wears shades and hangs out near Knocking Motorcycle Shop, lol. The Shenmue II find made me want to finally, play through the series, tbh. I think I'm only missing the manual, right?

Shenmue Kranekin.PNG

You're missing two manuals - the game manual and the passport manual.

I'm pretty bitter about the Limited Edition of the game. It was a preorder exclusive at Electronics Boutique and they ran out before I got to pick up my copy. I finally got it years later (for $30 bucks, I think) and the soundtrack is pretty bad. It's just music from the in-game jazz lounges.

In Topic: The Official 2015 Yard Sale Thread

01 July 2015 - 01:09 AM

Seriously... the night Shenmue III was announced, I almost jumped on a complete copy for $35. The next day a complete copy was $80.

I'm kicking myself because I sold two copies in mid May at an anime convention for only $15 each. :(

Granted I never thought in a million years that Shenmue III would actually happen.