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In Topic: Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

23 December 2021 - 01:40 AM

I've got a wishlist of around 500 games. Most have been on there forever, though I do occasionally remove some when I realize later that I really don't want them.


Using SteamDB to filter by wishlist:


-18/500 are at all-time lows. Of those, only seven are 75% off or greater.


-129/500 match their all-time lows.


Pretty disappointing. That makes about 30% of the games I've wishlisted that are really even in consideration. I'm probably just going to get a few that I really want to play soon and maybe a couple that are at their best price.


I remember when this thread would generate a dozen pages in a few minutes at the beginning of big Steam sales like this. Now it's just feels like a few times a year, games are regular price and the rest of the year they are inflated. No urgency, no surprise, and nothing really exciting. :-({|=


Hmm, I have 61 games on my wishlist, there are 2 I am considering buying but really they can wait for a future sale


mordhau for 12 bucks(60% off) and 


bloodstained 16 bucks(also 60% off).  But it seems like I can hold out a bit longer for under 10 bucks on both.  I may bite on mordhau anyways.

In Topic: Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

23 December 2021 - 01:21 AM

It's all fun and games until... IT'S LU BU!

Heh, I bit on the dlc for lu bu and sun ce as well.  (a world betrayed),  it is supposed to be the best of the dlc, and I may pick up the rest on a future sale, btu this should be more than enough to occupy my 3k fix for now.


Oddly, I am more looking forwards to playing as sun ce than Lu Bu.  Sun ce, you can prolong his life by satisfying his conditions and can even avoid his death.  He seems like a tragic character that should have had a longer story.

In Topic: Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

23 December 2021 - 12:11 AM

I'm looking at getting 3 kingdoms total war.  I know it's been cheaper. And will likely go cheaper this summer but I do want a new game and havent played any 3 kingdoms games in years.  

In Topic: Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

01 December 2021 - 03:06 AM

I generally like gamepass, I have put in a lot of time on games that I would not have bought otherwise.  Octopath traveler, 


I also tried games that I thought I might like such as Baldurs gate Dark alliance and been like "oh I'm so glad I didn't spend real money on this game" if the game sucks, you just uninstall and install something else.


My favorite game pass games: back 4 blood, wasteland 3, yakuza series, streets of rage, destroy all humans, 

In Topic: Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

28 November 2021 - 06:21 AM

Fallen order is on game pass. I played a bit but got bored on the second or third planet when I could not figure out where I was supposed to walk next. The gameplay otherwise was fine or very good. But if there is no real obvious way to figure out where I’m supposed to walk then I get bored and I’m like “my backlog is looking at me I should shelve this game and hope for a better sequel “.