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Blog JIGSAWjr > Modern Warfare 2 The Easiest CoD Yet? And Further Impressions!

Posted 08 November 2009

Last night I finally beat Modern Warfare 2...on Veteran.

I would have to say that this has to be the easiest Call of Duty yet that I have beat on Veteran. I never seemed to be frustrated and seemed to progress rather quickly compared to the second half of Call of Duty 2.:bomb:

The game is short so that only works in your advantage as you have less to pl...

Blog JIGSAWjr > Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Impressions

Posted 07 November 2009

Before I'm accused of modding my console:


Anyway, on to the impressions...

Single Player:
The single player I think is pretty good, when playing it on Veteran. I finished Act I on Recruit and to me it was a bit tedious and I just wanted to get through the level. On Veteran thoug...

Blog JIGSAWjr > Street Fighter IV Fight Stick Pictures & Unboxing Vid.

Posted 14 February 2009

Well...yesterday I went to pick up my Street Fighter IV Fight Stick and made a video and snapped some shots.:)

Check it out. It looks pretty damn sexy!
My stick seems to be working as of right now and I have tested it a bit but...I will test it some more later on today hopefully on SSFIIHD.:applause:

Sorry for the video and camera quality but I am usin...

Blog JIGSAWjr > So a couple goodies came in the mail today!

Posted 11 February 2009

Today...after having a great day at school (coincidence?) because I realized that I had a grade better then expected and ended up with a 3.2 GPA, I came home. What else did you think dummy? Anyway, back on track I get home and once I pass through the I see two packages waiting for me.:D

I open one from a fellow CAG...not to mention the nicest and most pa...

Blog JIGSAWjr > I've passed and gone to RPG heaven!

Posted 19 January 2009


Well this morning as I wake up and finish my daily routine, I decide to check my RPG backlog and must say that I have quite the list. Now to those that don't know, RPG's are one of my favorite game genre's. I see that I have my work cut out for me with over 300 hours w...