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Blog Jesse_Dylan > Valkyria Chronicles and the State of the Station

Posted 23 November 2008

It's no exaggeration to say Valkyria Chronicles may be one of the most important games to come out on PS3 all year; I see it as something of a keystone, and this is why I think that.


If Sony's system is going to succeed to the degree the PS2 has, and the PSone did before, it...

Blog Jesse_Dylan > Gamestop

Posted 09 September 2008


I'm sure other people have posted this (it was on Kotaku, among other things, and mentioned in the CAGcast), but I think it's worth a re-post.

He actually mentions Cheap Ass Gamer in the 9th part (the final part) of the video. The one I've posted above is part 2. Part 1 mysteriously vanished.

If I get pro-Gam...

Blog Jesse_Dylan > Spore Problems

Posted 08 September 2008

I woke up to a message this morning, the day after Spore's release, from Circuit City.com, who I'd pre-ordered from because of the $10 gift card with purchase deal, saying there was a delay shipping Spore to me because the manufacturer hasn't yet released the game. :(

I checked every where else, and it seemed to be in stock.

When I checked Amazon.com t...

Blog Jesse_Dylan > Names changed to protect the innocent

Posted 31 August 2008

**I'm sorry, because there are no pictures, and this has nothing to do with games. I felt like I had to put it somewhere besides in a text file, though, and this is a nice, anonymous place for it.**

A dream I had about Elizabeth.

In an enormous house with her, her boyfriend, and his friends.

I went into the large bathroom--dark wood walls, ceil...

Blog Jesse_Dylan > It's all about the biz.

Posted 30 August 2008

About the money, you know? It's not really about fan service unless fan service will bring the Bens.

It's done, ya know.

I've been thinking about it, because last I heard, Harry Potter 6 was finished, or at least would be finished for its original November release, but they'r...