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22 April 2017 - 04:57 PM

Wow, I made a total mess of this, and I can't be bothered to spend any more time to fix it.  

I became aware of that guide a bit into the game and considered using it but ultimately decided to play through mostly blind. I'll be using it for NG+ which I imagine will only take 20-30 hours since I'll be fast forwarding every story scene I've watched before. I'm pretty iffy on that method of game design where you basically have to use a guide to get everything out of the game. In a game this long, there really should be enough time to do everything blind unless you massively screw up by taking way too many days to do the dungeons or something.

It's just the nature of the Japanese design philosophy, especially considering how much the Persona games, particularly 3-5, borrow from Visual Novels.  You are simply not meant to get everything and do everything in a single play-through.  We even see this in giant Western Bethesda-style RPGs, although it's easier to cheat there and do it all in one playthrough.



I seriously don't understand how people can put up with the music in Persona. I'm playing Nier and Persona right now and while I like their attempts at music, the amount of repetition drives me insane. I can't stand the music in either game now. 

You must not have been playing Japanese games long, huh?  It's been like this since the NES.  Shoji Meguro (Persona, SMT, etc) is my favorite composer, up there with Yuzo Koshiro.  His style is various, and if you look across the catalog of games Meguro has done, specifically the SMT games, it really varies.  P5 is a lot more rocky than 3 or 4, and SMT IV and that other SMT PS2 series (I forget the name, the one where you eat demons) really has some rocky music.

But, speaking of Yuzo Koshiro, specifically Etrian Odyssey IV, I like that the tracks are often REALLY long, so long that you're kind of unlikely to hear the whole thing very often.

I am usually immune to the repetition, though, having played Japanese games for 30 years.


Friday the 13th game theme on PSN right now. Gimme a shadow drop of the gameeee

Are people saying it's the best JRPG ever?  I haven't heard that, although I've heard people saying that about P4 (and I don't agree).  I think most folks will agree P5 is fantastic.  The higher-budget dungeons alone are enough, in my opinion, to make it preferable to P3 and P4, although I am a little disappointed at how PS3 the game looks and feels.  But in the end, it is a fantastic experience, which is mostly what I've heard (contrasted with Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which I've heard cures cancer and obesity).

I don't know if I can agree with the people who are saying that P5 is the best jRPG ever, but I can say that for this generation of consoles so far, it is the best jRPG. 


I don't mind the music...it's pretty good (especially the evening music...great stuff). What drives me nuts is every time I hit an enemy's weak point and Morgana says that's awesome senpai or something like that. You don't have to do it with each and every knockdown! 



Does he say that in English? I haven't noticed it in Japanese. I just imagine Pikachu talking when Morgana speaks (same Japanese voice actress).

Yep.  "Lookin' cool, Joker!"  There is one for everybody.


I'm curious how bad the voice acting must be in English too. I've never heard Morgana refer to anyone as senpai in the Japanese audio, and the general quips from the team members haven't been noticeably annoying for me. 


I was curious and watched a youtube video.




I get different impressions about how they refer to some people in English vs Japanese also. They refer to "Boss" as "Master", and I get more of the feel they're referring to skill mastery, and not what I'd associate with the word boss.


I don't hear them refer to people as senpai etc. There's a lot of scenes where they say to drop honorifics. In those situations, it was just dropping the -san.


Lady Ann also sounds weird. Morgana says Ann-dono, the same honorific Kenshin uses when addressing Kaoru.

I think that's just because Morgana has the serious hots of Ann.  But Lady Ann is a pretty decent way to translate the honorific.  Morgana calls Sakura-san "chief" in the English as well.  I think the English acting is amongst the best, so much so that I played in English, which is rare for me.  For my second play-through, it will be in Japanese though.


Didn't Teddie/Rise always say something (one of 2-3 lines per character) every time you hit a weakness in Persona 4?

Yeah, I personally found them more annoying than Morgana, although I certainly concede that, "Lookin' cool, Joker!" repeated every single time I hit a weakness is not the best, no matter how excellently it's voiced.

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21 April 2017 - 03:47 PM

something happened on 4/17, it showed up in my purchase history again. problem for me is i no longer have it downloaded and there doesnt seem to be a way to redownload it

I downloaded it and played it immediately.  Did you get the message where it said to renew your licenses or something like that? Try that?  So in your download list (on PC and/or PS4--I'd check both), there is nothing to click to download it?


Friday the 13th game theme on PSN right now. Gimme a shadow drop of the gameeee


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21 April 2017 - 02:26 PM

I think I got South Park: The Stick of Truth for free.  I'm pretty sure my pre-order for Fractured but Whole was cancelled long ago (without my input).  Yet I got a message yesterday about it, and now it's playable.


definitely, "everybody's golf" sounds like some wii shovelware title

The original Japanese title, since the PS1 days, has been Minna no Golf, literally, "Everyone's Golf," and that's what it's been called there and in Europe.  For the American release, they changed the title and often turned the characters into ugly American stereotypes.  Keeping the original name, and hopefully the original characters, will be an improvement.  Hot Shots Golf is dead.  Long live Everybody's Golf.  The real shame is that it took this far into the PS4 life cycle to get it.


I just wish the characters were better. I ultimately think that's why P4 is a better game then P5....the P4 characters were just so much more likeable and I actually gave a shit about them....most the P5 characters are forgettable.

You guys are just attached to P4.  When I played P4, I missed the characters from P3!  I'd imagine you guys must have started with P4, where I played through them all.  There are people who still think Persona 2 is the best one with the best characters.  To say Persona 4 is the best JRPG of all-time is a little over the top.  The characters in P5 are fine, and the dungeons are vastly improved.  The complaints about being forced to sleep and linearity are pretty valid, though. They've certainly all been extremely slow-moving games, and P4 had one of the slowest setups of any game... ever...  You got to learn to love it.

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11 March 2017 - 07:59 PM

Odd, I was just refunded for my South Park: Fractured But Whole pre-order from a year ago.

I asked to keep my pre-order then I got the email

I didn't even get the e-mail.  My Stick of Truth disappeared as well.  But... the Fracture but Whole pre-order is strangely still on my DL list, even though it won't let me download it (or download the "will be ready in blah blah days" countdown thing).

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04 March 2017 - 10:24 PM

Xenoblade X can be found a lot of places for $30 like Walmart and GameStop, the Nintendo store has the Special edition for $45

Woops, sorry, missed this. Thanks.  I should have specified, I have been sucked into preferring digital downloads.  Especially with the Wii U going bye-bye, I definitely don't want to have game boxes to cart around with me when I move.  I know it's silly.  I'm good with paying $10 extra for the digital download.