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Blog Roadkill?? > Xbox Repair.

Posted 04 August 2009

I don't get A) Why the lady said "Let me check" to everything I said and B) Why I have to pay $20 for something I didn't fucking break to begin with. I am sure that I could mail it to Microsoft cheaper, and that the $20 is going to pay for some new big ass office chair that the support people get when they Fuck over 100 loyal customers.

On another note,...

Blog Roadkill?? > Gears of War 2 Details

Posted 20 July 2008

Since this game is huge, I have decided to post some of the sites that i've used to find details for those of you that have been under a rock for the past week.

https://gearsofwar.xbox.com/ - Kind of self explanatory

http://xbox360.ign.c...ed4_071708.html - Videos/Interviews


Blog Roadkill?? > Call of Duty 4

Posted 09 July 2008

/begin rant

Well, my brother finally let me play CoD4 today, well i decided to play online. Well that move was BAD. I am not that bad at Halo 3 or Bad Company buy as soon as i spawned, i mean right after, i die. EVERYONE is prestige and i am what level 7? I couldn't even get a kill (well the most i EVER got in a game was 5 but i had about 15 deaths) ever...