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Blog jer7583 > There's value in playing bad games too, right?

Posted 14 January 2009

I bought Soldier of Fortune for XBox 360 at blockbuster's B1G1, fully intending to put the game in, play for a little bit to see the "over the top gore" that was touted in reviews, and flip it to gamestop for a small profit.

I had no idea what I was in for.

Inaccurate controls, graphics and physics glitches galore, terrible sound, boring gameplay, and n...

Blog jer7583 > Reacting to the "Halo Killer" Daniel Petric's Conviction

Posted 13 January 2009


Read that article first to get the facts about this case. I'll summarize since most probably won't. The kid was suffering from a severe infection of some kind that kept him bedridden. He played a lot of Halo 3. His father,...

Blog jer7583 > This is what happens when you start flipping games - My Collection

Posted 13 January 2009

And this is what it looks like to have too many 360 games:


Makes the Wii collection look pitiful.

Oh wait, it is.

Everything to the left of and including Last Remnant is "backlog". Sad, I know. Just so many good games, for almost nothing.. thanks to BBV, Hollywood Video, and GameStop flipping.


Here's my DS collection - Notable for the co...

Blog jer7583 > Wood, Wiring, and PCBs- My custom 360 arcade stick!

Posted 08 January 2009

Over christmas I decided that I was going to build an arcade-quality joystick controller for my Xbox 360. I've been really enjoying Super Turbo and trying to get awesome at playing Chun-Li, plus Street Fighter 4 is one of my most anticipated 2009 games.

Most of this was done in less than a week. It's not the fanciest thing ever, and I need to add art to...

Blog jer7583 > So sad to see 1up gone. (sorry for the overreacting title before)

Posted 07 January 2009

Extremely disappointed that I won't have the excellent editorial content from EGM and 1up's unmatched podcasts to listen to anymore.

It's a very sad day. Make fun if you wish, but hearing those same personalities for years every week became a loved routine for me. "Best friends I never met" indeed.

Thank god there's still many other fantastic podcasts t...