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Oscargrouch's Garbage Can > Greatest Pickup & Unboxing

Posted 15 July 2010

Have you ever had a dream? One that you never thought would be fulfilled?

I have long sought a PC Engine Super CD-Rom 2, and never thought I would possibly own one do to the high prices, and the costs of international shipping.

But last week every thing changed. A US seller had one for a reasonable price and I picked it up.

Check out my unboxing!


Oscargrouch's Garbage Can > Bayonetta is Important Because...

Posted 05 February 2010


Platinum Games’ Bayonetta is by now a well known stylish action game. Having been widely reviewed, scored, and sacrificed to the all mighty alter of Metacritic, Bayonetta has been well received and labeled a success. Given Bayonetta’s critical...

Oscargrouch's Garbage Can > A Dumb Question

Posted 30 December 2009

Why do people complain about people who work hard and get ahead making a lot of money.

Why is this bad? Isn't hard work and financial reward something that should be emulated, not despised?

Just a random thought I had.

Oscargrouch's Garbage Can > RROD Black Friday Edtion

Posted 28 November 2009

Hello fellow CAGs,

Well since my last blog entry, I have been laid off. We are lucky that in the interim, my wife has found a nearly full time job working at a major retailer. Fortunately after a few months of searching I lucked out and found a nice new position in the field I actually want to be working in. Unfortunately, it does come with a pay cut,...

Oscargrouch's Garbage Can > (500) Days of Summer Impressions

Posted 21 August 2009


Today was the lovely and gracious Mrs. Grouch's birthday. As part of the festivities we went to the movies. Mrs. Grouch decided on (500) Days of Summer over District 9 as the movie. I was happy she picked it as I had heard good things, and didn't think District 9 was her cup of tea.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt traded in his teenage angst as alien geez...