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The_Punisher's "I'm Bored" Blog Posts > So I work for Activision now.....(New Job + E3 + Video Games Live + Anime Expo 2012?)

Posted 20 June 2012

Hey all,

Haven't updated CAGs in awhile now, not sure why I stopped posting on the forums so much but I just wanted to give a quick update. Shockingly, Activision offered me a position (for the summer) working on boring finance stuff, but more important I'M WORKING AT ACTIVISION . Can't talk too much about what I actually do, but needless to say it's...

The_Punisher's "I'm Bored" Blog Posts > How I Just Got Xbox Live for $40 (and no, no scam here)

Posted 29 January 2011

My Xbox Live Gold expires in February, and Microsoft sent me an email to confirm my auto-renewal. With the price being $60, I figured it's not really worth the high price tag, and I'll wait for a deal or something since I'm not using it that much right now anyway.

I called in (since you can't cancel online, now I see why) and after waiting for a little w...

The_Punisher's "I'm Bored" Blog Posts > Did anyone know this existed?

Posted 27 July 2010


It's a game from PETA (made so that they'll make a "Vegetarian" version of the game :roll:). I couldn't help but laugh, that is extremely awesome. For anyone that actually wants to play the (slightly disturbing) game, here's the link:



The_Punisher's "I'm Bored" Blog Posts > What's the most ORIGINAL game you're looking forward to this year?

Posted 28 June 2010

E3 was all about sequels, and I was really sad to not see very many new games to look forward to for the end of the year. I wanted to see if maybe I missed a few, so what's your most anticipated original game of 2010?

That means no reboots or revisions either. COMPLETELY original.

If I had to pick, I'd go with the game coming from the same developer as...

The_Punisher's "I'm Bored" Blog Posts > Guys, HEY DID YOU KNOW?!!?!

Posted 18 June 2010