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In Topic: Any one else get their Dreamcade Replay and not really like it?

17 August 2018 - 02:35 AM

I kinda wanted to pre order one glad I waited.
That being said if anyone wants to get of theirs let me know

I swear if you send me your address I may just ship it to you. Of course I will have to check back but it may be worth it

In Topic: Any one else get their Dreamcade Replay and not really like it?

11 August 2018 - 05:42 AM

I received mine last week.  This thing is a piece of gosa.   I am an avid retro arcade enthusiast and I have built my own bartop system based on retropie and its works great. Everyone who sees it has to try it out. It even has a Turbo Twist spinner for Tempest. I am also going to pick up one of those ArcadeOneUp 3/4 replica cabinets later this year.  I have quite a bit of experience setting up emulators like MAME, PCSX2, etc. and  FEs like Launch Box. 


The reason I backed this project was that Dreamarcades (creator of DreamCade Replay) has some of the most amazing looking high end, high price, multi-arcade cabinets I have ever seen!  I almost bought one but ended up making my own small bartop instead.


I was hoping this little "console" would be an easy way to get some MAME and NES/SNES games connected to my TV.  But this thing is 100% not a console.  Its a very cheap Win10 PC with what looks like Dreamarcades FE.  But its poorly installed, controller support was very bad out of the box, SNES games would not exit requiring a power cycle, the FE crashes, FE features like favorites and adding/removing games don't work. The system for finding new games does not even work with the Windows controller directly. They install this "virtual mouse" software that does not even work with Bluetooth Xinput devices (i.e. new Xbox One controller). 


I have experienced mostly just headaches getting it set up. 


On the one-up side, when it works (MAME works well) its shows it has true potential.  But I think they made some really poor choices and created some pretty buggy and clunky FE.  Its not a "console" in any way.  Unless you consider Win10 a console OS.  And, the thing that really ticks me off is that I have posted  a number of major issues on the forums and I get no fixes, nothing. They can provide updates and one did fix Xbox One controller setup but there are many, many more major issues that make this thing just unusable.


I am pretty harsh I know. But they really sold this thing as a plug and play console and I don't know about that.   Many people could not even get it working because they had to run through Win10 initialization and could not get it working at all.


So, consider yourself warned. If you want to tinker with a cheap PC, I would just buy a cheap PC and install a better MAME/FE. I get the feeling mine will just be gathering dust and hoping for updates that actually fix it.


P.S. Here is a pic of my home made bartop... always showing it off :)



In Topic: CAGcast #542: Now ApplePlay Compatible!

21 April 2018 - 09:23 PM

The visceral response to Wombat's made up product "ApplePlay" was hilarious! You hear the ripples in the water as Wombat tries to back-peddle his way out of his poetic creation until the tension is released with a "who the f***cares!!!" once he realized he was trying to retcon a Mandela effect that simply did not exist. All along, Shipwreck  continued to apply a hot poker to the bee's nest! Great stuff. 


I was recently looking for a new Honda and I definitely wanted it to have  "Honda ApplePlay" but it only comes with "Carplay"  for Apple.  If I find one with "ApplePlay" (TM 2018) I will let you know.

Wombat, Cheapy, and Ship.  Keep up the great podcast that keep me listening and laughing!