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In Topic: Best Buy DotD 4/14: Nintendo Labo Kits 19.99

14 April 2020 - 03:05 PM

Thanks for posting, missed out on Variety and Vehicle kits though, didn't expect them to sell out so quickly!

Have Labo kits ever been $20 previously? Or is the lowest its ever been?

In Topic: SHENMUE 3 with STEELBOOK $29.99 BESTBUY Win Price

25 November 2019 - 07:29 PM

I understand it's frustrating but I mean, we helped make the game exist for our own sake, not because we felt bad for others. I have like 4 copies of Shenmue 3 and I put 300 bucks into my original contribution but I did that because I wanted the game to exist.

Yeah its a weird situation to be in. If we don't back it, the game doesn't exist. But if we back it, we don't get the best overall deal. The ultimate CAG conundrum! Though Kickstarter backers do get exclusive physical rewards and some exclusive DLC, which may not mean much to some folks.

In Topic: SHENMUE 3 with STEELBOOK $29.99 BESTBUY Win Price

24 November 2019 - 11:53 AM

Shenmue is definitely an acquired taste. I bought the Shenmue Collection last year and Shenmue 1, while I can appreciate the influence it had on games like the Yakuza series, is one of the most boring games I've ever played. The game expects you to waste time doing side activities, which aren't very engaging for very long, between story beats since you can't advance time. They did add a time skip feature to Shenmue 2 so I might give that a try someday if I can ever force myself to finish the first game. 

The first game is very short, and once you get a job on the docks the pace quickens and becomes less tedious and boring. Keep at it, and eventually you'll enter a massive brawl fight, and its a good time.




So my kickstarter was supposed to include a toy capsule I never got, anyone know why? Who I should contact? I’m going to get this steel book either way.. yes KS team ripped us off , we helped this happen at least reward us..

This was mentioned already on the KS page, our rewards are coming at a future date. Hold tight just a bit longer, you won't have to pay any extra shipping. Rewards shipping separately from the game is fairly common when it comes to KS, nothing different here.

In Topic: SHENMUE 3 with STEELBOOK $29.99 BESTBUY Win Price

23 November 2019 - 04:49 PM

Even though I spent $400 on this game ($300 KS and $100 LRG), I'm happy to see it get a sale and hopefully it'll sell well enough to warrant a sequel. I don't want to wait another 18 years for part IV.  :bomb: 

In Topic: Black Friday 2019 Video Game Deals - Master Thread, Spreadsheet, and General...

11 November 2019 - 09:08 AM

No matter what console you play on, we are all gamers. Cheap Ass Gamers.

I play on tons of different platforms, both retro and modern. The past few months I've powered on:

Genesis / Saturn / Dreamcast

NES / SNES / N64 / GCN / Wii / Wii U / Switch / 3DS

PS1 / PS2 / PS3 / PS4 / PSP / PS Vita / PS TV

XBX / X360


There's just one problem... I can't keep up! The backlog never decreases, only increases! There's simply not enough hours in the day, and not enough days in a single lifespan to play all the great games on all the great systems. We really are spoiled for choice.