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Posted by DarkonJohn on 21 April 2020 - 12:11 AM

Awesome, glad this was posted. In for one too. Ended up getting a Sams membership for $45 rather than spending the $50 non-member fee. Wish it still came with the blaster but sounds like those bonus games will be easy enough to add myself.

I believe it still does come with the blast dongle plus 3 months of ArcadeNet subscription (once it gets out of beta)....it even says so on the Sams Club web site, but you need to dig through the description details to find it. 


I ordered mine ALU last month when it came back in stock and received it a couple of weeks ago. So far I've been VERY happy with it. SOOOO much easier to use out of the box than getting a RetroPie A1Up cab working and so much more functional with a trackball and dual spinners. Build quality and finish is also much better than the A1Up cabs, and the fact that you can EASILY add additional ROMs via a USB flash drive is awesome (and works really well).


While I still like my A1Up cabs with their more specific artwork and plan to continue customizing/improving them, if I only had space for one cab, it would definitely be the ALU cab. It's a great deal for the price and what you get, and the supported method of adding more games is unbelievably cool compared to the time-consuming and trial-and-error process of building a RetroPie system, especially if you are looking to build a fairly bulletproof system for kids to play. 

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Posted by DarkonJohn on 24 January 2020 - 06:33 PM

TJ MAX @ Webster, NY; I found 2 Dig Dug counter-cades. Priced @ $80. If they drop to $60 or below I will bite even though I don't have a bar or counter really. I wanted a wallcade but I can't stop my arcade addiction. Has anyone found these counter units below $80?

I think I saw a Dig Dug countercade for $59 at a TJ MAXX in the San Diego area. Thought about picking it up at that price but the screen was just too damn small.

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Posted by DarkonJohn on 07 January 2020 - 04:34 AM

Woah. I am waiting for this to go down to $100 or less and have wanted it for months now. You about talked me out of it and I am hesitating to buy it now. 1944 is the game I look forward to the most on it, but I still love the other games on the machine.

Maybe he has a buggy LCD or simply expects the exact experience he had playing a full-size CRT arcade cabinet, but I have the FF cab and i and my kids have been having a blast with it. Some say you can get an original can for something like $300 so the A1up cabs aren’t with anything near that, but many of those in this forum would disagree.

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Posted by DarkonJohn on 23 November 2019 - 10:04 PM

I'm struggling to pull the trigger on $150 Final Fight. I see the 1944 included is actually 1944: The Loop Master? Never heard of that so how does it play vs OG 1944?

1944 Loop Master is a horizontal (and simultaneous 2-player I believe) game in the 194x series. It is actually a better choice for the horizontal screen in this cab since the other 194x games are vertical screen games and would be shrunk to fit the horizontal screen.

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Posted by DarkonJohn on 23 November 2019 - 09:29 PM

Walmart.com online prices have definitely dropped compared to in-store/brickseek prices. 


Final Fight and Galaga are now $150 online

Mortal Combat dropped to $230 online

PackMan and Marvel dropped to $250 

Street Fighter 2 to $245


Rampage is still $300

Asteroids is still $170


And for some strange reason, Centipede increased back to $200 (I think it had been $180)


Other than Final Fight and Galaga being at the Black Friday prices now and for online purchase, none of the others are very good deals unless you were considering paying full price. 

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Posted by DarkonJohn on 23 November 2019 - 08:32 PM

Yes. I bought my Galaga for $75 and had zero interest in Galaga. Needless to say- Galaga is still really fun! I quite enjoyed it.

Galaga is one of my favorite games (the other being Robotron). I’ve been playing it on a modded A1Up cab, but bought the Galaga cab once it hit $150 so I can have the artwork and just leave that cab dedicated to Galaga.

To do well at them, both games (Galaga and Robotron) require you to get a feel for the patterns of how the enemies move and a zen-like awareness of what is happening on the entire screen at once.

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Posted by DarkonJohn on 08 November 2019 - 01:38 AM

This was their response to me asking if it possible to swap a Galaga PCB into a Space Invaders cabinet...



Ticket# 65253


Thank you for contacting  Arcade1up Gaming support.

In response to your question, each cabinet is specially customized in design with an aim to provide it's original retro feeling and 

gameplay experience.  


Hence, each cabinet differentiate among the others with its own unique features.


We would appreciate that you get cabinets for your collection.



Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Smily - Gaming Support




TLDR version....yes, you can swap the PCB for $30 plus shipping, but we'd prefer you pay 10x that to buy a new cabinet. 


I did some testing along these lines.I bought a Street Fighter and Rampage control deck when they had a glitch in their shipping costs and they only cost $1 to ship instead of the normal $20 for shipping, thinking that I'd use them when modding my Asteroids cabinets I picked up for $75. One of the Asteroids screens was bad, but when they finally sent a replacement screen, much my pleasant surprise, they shipped me a Final Fight LCD (which includes the Final Fight PCB).


I tested the Final Fight LCD with the Street Fighter and Rampage control decks and they sort of "worked" except for the fact that some of the buttons were mis-mapped...something that I believe should be easily fixed by swapping some of the connectors that plug into the board that connects to the ribbon cable. I think Player 1 for Final Fight worked fine for the Rampage control deck, but player 2's jump button was mapped to the completely wrong button (maybe the Player 3 start button or maybe a one for end directions on the Player 3 joystick). 


Using a Galaga PCB in a Space Invaders cab should work, assuming they used the same wires for the same functions in the ribbon cable. If not, then you might need to swap some of the connectors in the control deck (if it's just one button switched with another) or rewire some connections if joystick wires are swapped with button wires. 


Personally, Galaga is one of my favorite games (along with Robotron 2084), so now that it has dropped to $200, I'm actually thinking of getting it. I did place an order for local store pick-up (they already had it in stock), but will wait a few days to see if the price drops further. I mainly just want it for the cabinet art, but may leave it as a dedicated cab rather than modding it to run RetroPie since I don't want to mess up the control deck by drilling holes for additional buttons/joysticks.

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Posted by DarkonJohn on 05 November 2019 - 02:43 PM

Why not just do a Raspberry Pi?

I’ve already done a couple of RetroPie cabs, but I’m looking for something more “out of the box” friendly I can give to my relatives that will just work and is more difficult for them to screw up if their kids start trying to tinker with settings.

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Posted by DarkonJohn on 04 November 2019 - 11:49 PM

My local store shows zero on hand of the Asteroid cab but there’s been one sitting in the electronics department at $199 for weeks, even took it to a price checker.


I've been hitting up a few Walmarts in the San Diego area in the last week and have found a few surprises.


I found an Asteroids cab for $75 at a store that hasn't shown any Asteroids cabs on Brickseek for many weeks.


Today I found a Space Invaders cab for $75 at a store that didn't show any on Brickseek for the last 2 or 3 weeks (possibly longer). The clerk was surprised because the price sign on the end cap said "$299" and as far as she could tell, all of the boxes looked basically the same to her. I pointed out that the cab on sale had different games, but she still didn't seem to grasp (or care about) what I was saying. Regardless, she helpfully rang me up and watch it while I brought my car to the front of the store to load it.


When looking for the cabs at a Walmart, they may be spread out in 2 or 3 different locations (and one store I went to didn't carry them at all). Most stores seem to have a section where they put most of the cabs, but they may also have more cabs on an end cap or on a pallet in the aisle (or in storage), but just because they aren't in the main section doesn't mean they are on sale. 


Even the end caps or aisle pallets that advertise a "$299" price may contain on-sale cabs, so make sure to check the price on each one. 


Some stores put the A1Up cabs in unexpected locations, such as near the electronics or DVDs rather than the video games section. If you can't find them (or even if you can), it's always a good idea to ask one of the clerks where they are located and if they have any on sale. All of the clerks at Walmart I've talked to have been very helpful when I've asked about the Aracde1up cabs and if any are on sale. Sometimes they've pointed me to cabs in secondary locations I had missed during my own search. 


Sometimes you can search the store for "Arcade1up" using the Walmart app and see what they have in-store, but that's not always reliable because I've found cabs on the shelf that the app said weren't available at that store. 


I'm just hunting around to pick up as many different cab types as possible for the different art work as long as I can get them on sale. So far, I haven't seen anything other than Asteroids, Centipede and (more recently) Space Invaders, but I'm still hoping to get Pac Man and Galaga before the end of the year if they ever go on sale in San Diego. 

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Posted by DarkonJohn on 04 November 2019 - 03:18 PM

Yeah, I saw something similar at my Walmart last week, as both cabs happened to be on an end cap separated from all the others. So I assumed they had a special price, but I wasn't interested enough to deal with staff trying to find out, as no price was actually shown. My buy in for most of these would probably be $50 or less, and since I haven't seen prices reported that low, I didn't bother to find out what these may have been.

Just use the Walmart app to check the in-store prices yourself. No need to ask anyone unless you want to confirm the price from the app.

But it is worth checking each cab type’s price because you never know what you will find at that store on that day.

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Posted by DarkonJohn on 01 November 2019 - 04:45 AM

Something like this would probably work as well if you want to build your own. https://gameroomsolu...for-22-monitor/


I've been considering, but I want to play with my Space Invaders cab for awhile to see how I feel


That link is a great example of how this hobby can quickly get expensive and why an A1up cab is much like a gateway drug for arcade addicts. Once you start adding the options to those nicer cabs, you quickly get into a $500 - $700 system and you still have to figure out how to get the software side working as desired. A properly configured RetroPie cab will probably cost you at least $300 - $500 and very likely 30-40 hours of work ([possibly less, but quite possibly, even more, depending on the types of games you want to play). 


For many people, a huge advantage of the A1Up systems is that for ~$300 you get something that looks pretty good (other than the size) and plays well (or well enough) in about 30 minutes from when you open the box. 


Of course, if you like to tinker with software/emulators/hardware/woodworking, then you have a ton of other options open to you. But for the many people that have more money and less free time, the A1Up cabs can be very attractive. 


For me, I picked up the Asteroids and Centipede machines for $75 each, got bored with the 4 games on each and then started to customize them to use RetroPie and play a wider variety of games. That led me into issues with vertical/horizontal games, games with different controller requirements (vertical/horizontal games, 4-way vs. 8-way joysticks, alternating 2-player vs simultaneous 2-player, trackballs, spinners, etc.) that will either require different cabs for different games, or different control decks that can be easily swapped for different games. While I'm having fun learning and making things, I can totally understand why many people are willing to drop $300-$400 so they can just focus on having a nice-looking cabinet and playing the games they loved as a kid (or letting their kids play the games their dad/mom grew up playing). 

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Posted by DarkonJohn on 26 October 2019 - 03:11 PM

So there's a store that has them at $74 but is out of stock. If I have it shipped there would that work to get it to $74? If so what would I do/say?

When you pick it up, you can ask them to check the current in-store price to confirm the lower price. If it is lower, as if they can do a price adjustment. While they will probably say they can’t, they might be able to let you return the items and then rebuy them at the lower price, but it will probably take a supervisor to approve since it isn’t normal procedure.

Or they may just say they can’t do that (for whatever reason) and then your choice is to pay the online price, not pick them up, or return them after picking them up. If you return or don’t pick them up, they MAY end up on the shelf at the discounted price, but that might take a few days (if it happens at all).

Just be nice and understanding that it is their choice to give you the lower price or not, and if they say they won’t, it is your choice to buy it or not at the web price.

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Posted by DarkonJohn on 09 October 2019 - 02:00 PM

Yeah, these things are great options for people. I finally got to see one put together recently at Walmart, and while it is small the riser helps a ton. Like the mini consoles these are great for people to have a quick, accessible option for playing some arcade games. Yes, you can do it better but it takes a ton of know how, time and cost.

My son and I recently built a close to full size Raspberry Pi powered arcade cabinet and it took quite a while and was not an insignificant cost. I wouldn't trade it for an Arcade1up cabinet, but between the design, woodworking and technical experience to set it up right the requirements are significant. The idea that you can buy one of these at Walmart and have it ready to go in under an hour (even if you aren't great at putting things together and have zero tech experience) is very desirable.

I had most of the woodworking tools, but still had to buy some forstner bits for the control panel and a router bit for the t-molding which ain't cheap (BTW, I highly recommend https://www.t-molding.com/ for arcade parts if you do go this path or want to upgrade your Arcade1up with Sanwa/HAPP parts, their customer service is excellent and they ship quickly). Add in the cost of the sticks and buttons, the USB control board, the Raspberry Pi, the monitor, speakers/amp, LED lighting and the good quality plywood and paint and you are well over an Arcade1up even before you factor in your time (even if you enjoy it, your time is still worth something).

I couldn’t agree more. I have a full-size cab running RetroPie and using higher quality buttons and sticks, but it does take a lot of time to learn how to get everything working (and I’m still learning). I have also modded two A1Up cabs. But there is an appeal to many people (including myself) to getting something that works out of the box and can play games you enjoy in a cab that is small enough to be practical and relatively inexpensive yet large enough to be playable.

I do wish they would include more games in each unit and do a better job of picking games that make sense for that screen orientation and control panel, which is why I chose to mod my cabs.

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Posted by DarkonJohn on 30 August 2019 - 04:53 AM

Arcade1up's online store has absolutely insane shipping costs. Here's what it looks like for me (excluding taxes) based on their current "sale" prices:


PCB:                   $30 + $12 ship each, 2 for $24) = net price of $42 per PCB

Control Deck:       $26 + $20 ship each, 2 for $40) = net price of $46 per control deck

Overlay:                 $12.50 + $12 ship (regardless of how many you buy...at least up to 6) = $24.50 for first overlay, $12.50 for each additional overlay

LCD:                      $112.50 +  $20 (ship each, 2 for $40) = $132.50 per LCD (which I believe includes the frame, LCD plexiglass artwork and possibly PCB)


Having different items  items in your cart adds the above shipping amounts, so beyond charging an insane amount for shipping, they act as if each item will always ship separately and at full price rather than putting multiple items in one box. 


So while a full new control deck for $26 is a pretty solid deal (even if the controls are nothing special, having the deck and artwork for $26 isn't a bad deal at all), having to pay an additional $20 for shipping each control tanks the deal completely. 


That said, last week I was looking at their online store to buy a Street Fighter, Rampage and Atari 12-in-1 control deck to replace the decks that came with my Asteroids and Centipede machines and plan to use for RetroPie machines. For some reason when I went to check the prices, the shipping showed up as $1 for each control deck.I bought one of each just in case it was a temporary glitch in their system that provided "almost free" shipping. Sure enough, the shipping prices went back up and I was thinking they might cancel my order from early last week, but I was happy to see (after a few emails asking when my order would ship), that they've shipped all but one of the control decks I ordered. 


And while I know the free deck protectors/overlays for the Gen 1 cabinets are no longer being offered, I'm still hoping they will give me some sort of discount on them since the art on the Gen 1 control decks almost disintegrates with moderate usage by anyone with mildly sweaty hands (like all of my kids). 


Overall, I'm loving my Arcade1Up cabinets, and since I plan on converting them to RetroPie machines, replacing the controls with better quality gear and customizing the control layout (adding stuff to the new control decks I bought), I don't really need to buy anything else from their online store (except maybe the deck protectors). But for those people that want to covert their machine from one game config to another by buying the control decks and PCBs, these shipping prices really put a damper on those plans.

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Posted by DarkonJohn on 23 August 2019 - 03:57 PM

I think I'm done modding my Asteroids unit (except for  making a lit marquee or replacing the bottom-front panel). I need a different one for $75 to start working on :D




I both love and laugh at this mod. I picked up an Asteroids cabinet for $75 and was looking to something just like this, so thanks for showing the pic of the button placements!


However, that plasma ball made me laugh like hell because it looks so out of place to me. It's like a big glowing tumor, LOL. 


I also picked up a Centipede cabinet for $75 and I plan on modding that for my favorite vertical games by adding a spinner and 4-way joystick.