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Blog Midnite > Spring Cleaning 2009 pt 1

Posted 09 March 2009

With warmer weather on the way it's time to do some spring cleaning. As I went through my game collection I have decided that it's time to part with a lot of games. Games that for the most part that have been ported to Live Arcade or have found upgraded ports to other systems or have even gone untouched collecting dust. Most of what I have gone through...

Blog Midnite > Weekend Musical Taste

Posted 24 September 2008

Alright for a first blog I'm going to talk about my weekend concert outlook starting Friday September 26, 2008 with Sonata Artica.


A couple of my friends along with my brother have been trying to get me to see these guys live for a while now. Now Finnish Power Metal is really not my cup of tea (neither is concert number two for the weekend) but I...