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Blog j.elles > Wii's Holiday 2008 Line up

Posted 27 September 2008

Here's a list I decieded to come up with. All these games will be released, supposedly, this year or were released just recently. It's just something I threw together while at work.

I'll answer any questions if people have them about why I put things on the list. For example Naruto Gamecube and Wii games have historically shipped around a million cop...

Blog j.elles > Thoughts on Zelda: Twilight Princess

Posted 12 September 2008


Easily now the most infamous of the Zelda games overall. Many people across the net have made their thoughts on this game clear and for whatever the reasoning maybe it's well founded.

Afterall, all you have to do is look back on the first trailer for Twilight Princess to know that the game...

Blog j.elles > Top 7 Wii upcoming Wii games

Posted 02 July 2008

3.Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
4.Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers
5.Fatal Frame IV
6.Tenchu IV
7.Arc Fantasi
That’s my personal 7. All exclusives I might add.

Honerable mentions not including Wii ware include Red Steel 2 which I think will be good, Deadly Creatures, Rune Factory Wii, Fragile, Mushroom Me...