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#14257629 Our World Is Ended (switch) $19.99 @ Amazon

Posted by bruceg on 20 January 2020 - 06:47 AM




Also, Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden PS4 is 9.99




Both appear to be gamestop price matches.

#14238979 God Eater 3 PS4 $19.99 @ Amazon

Posted by bruceg on 01 December 2019 - 01:56 PM



Looks like a gamestop price match

#14238956 Best Buy Cyber Monday 2019 Deals (Yes, GCU stackable)

Posted by bruceg on 01 December 2019 - 11:36 AM

Just curious when GCU will finally expire for those who still have it??  Mine already expired a year ago.

#14235330 Japanese Niche Games Deals & Discussion Thread 4.0

Posted by bruceg on 26 November 2019 - 09:27 AM

Iffy Store's Holiday Sale is live.


Thanks!  I also purchased Fairy Fencer F Limited Edition.  Dang I purchased Dark Rose Valkyrie LE when it first came out at $70.

#14235329 Yakuza 0, Kiwami are $9.99 each; Kuwami 2, 6 are $14.99 each at Bes...

Posted by bruceg on 26 November 2019 - 09:14 AM

Can't wait for the Yakuza Remastered Collection on ps4, which contains 3,4, and 5.  I can finally get the physical version of Yakuza 5 USA to complement my ps3 import version.  I think the omitted content from the USA ps3 release of Yakuza 3 was restored as well.  Not sure if Yakuza 4 contains anything different.

#14232712 Senran Kagura Burst Re: Newal - at The Seams Edition (PS4) - $14.97@Amazon

Posted by bruceg on 22 November 2019 - 04:27 AM

Sorry it's 14.97.  changed the title

#14011637 PS Vita Deals & Discussions Thread

Posted by bruceg on 14 June 2018 - 06:24 PM

I do.  I also have a complete PS4 set minus 1 game.

I wouldn't want a complete set of any collection with all the inevitable turds that get released.

#13633634 Best Buy: Visa Checkout $25 off $100 (expires 2/22)

Posted by bruceg on 17 February 2017 - 10:07 AM

That's not what happened to me.  I bought just over $100 of games using Visa checkout, and in addition to GCU, it prorated the $25 discount to each game.  Then I returned two items (pc games which were lousy codes and no physical disc), and I was refunded exactly the same amount I paid for each.  The rest of the order was unaffected, as I just looked at my order details to verify.

#13474401 Ebay Flash Sale $15 off $60 until 10 PM PST TODAY ONLY 9/29/16

Posted by bruceg on 30 September 2016 - 05:18 AM

Sheesh, how many times do I keep on missing these flash sales!?!?!  I have at least 20 items on my watch list that are buy it now listings....

#13360618 GOG Deals Thread

Posted by bruceg on 09 June 2016 - 03:50 AM

Surprised nobody posted any codes for the free GOG games yet.  Here are mine which I already have:






Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father 20th Anniversary




For the benefit of others, please post if you redeem them.

#13344658 PS Vita Deals & Discussions Thread

Posted by bruceg on 27 May 2016 - 03:08 PM

Nooooo... I just checked my copy of SSD and it's definitely a bootleg with crappy reprinted cover art!


They're an authorized Sony dealer. They're legit.

Thanks!!  That tell me everything I need to know so I can feel safe ordering from them.


Heavy-Arm is legit.  I've picked up about a dozen different titles from them over the past few months and they are all legit copies.   As srocky said, they are an official Sony dealer.

Thanks!  I'm always hesitant about making the first purchase, and it always great to hear anecdotal proof as well.


This has to take the cake for dumbest thing I've seen in this thread yet. If you were worried that the site was a scam, that's understandable, but where have you seen bootleg Vita games? To give you the benefit of the doubt, I Googled it and the only person to "report" Vita bootlegs is from CAG. Unsurprisingly, it's our very own slidecage.

I'm sure others who have never purchased from the site share similar reservations about bootlegs in general, especially when it's located in Southeast Asia.  The question elicited useful replies which probably helped others who were on the fence.  If you don't like the question, simply don't bother answering next time, since all you provide is attitude.

#13283036 Newegg.com Your Choice Assassins Creed unity X1 or Star Wars Classics Vouche...

Posted by bruceg on 08 April 2016 - 05:12 PM

The OP & title is a little confusing.  You get AC Unity or the ps4 Star Wars voucher plus a free copy of PES 15 for $20 BEFORE the mail in rebate.  The code drops the price to $20 plus shipping and tax.  Then, you can mail in the rebate form for a $20 Newegg pre-paid Visa card, effectively making the transaction "free", excluding shipping and tax.

#13261765 Rock Band 4 PC Fig - Bulk Pack of all DLC songs (2000+) for ~%50, Discounted...

Posted by bruceg on 23 March 2016 - 09:19 AM

Sheesh, $2.5K for DLC content alone!?!?  Hope the servers are staying up forever if they expect people to make that kind of investment....

#13210890 Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition Backordered for $80 on Amazon

Posted by bruceg on 19 February 2016 - 04:20 PM

With your attitude towards others that secured a copy I'm glad you didn't get a copy. You sound like a sandy vagina. BTW I didn't get an order in but congrats to others that got this SE.

Yeah I completely agree and good for those who managed to secure a copy.  Basically, if you snooze, you lose.  It's not like the pre-order wasn't heavily discussed in the main thread well before release, so there were opportunities if someone really wanted it.

#13007988 GOG Deals Thread

Posted by bruceg on 05 November 2015 - 04:04 PM

Here's my extra code I have no need for (please post if you claim):


Chronicles of Riddick 







System Shock 2






I found another one from another promotion:



S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear sky