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LittleWildman's Blog > Quality Of Blog Posts Recently

Posted 03 January 2010

Hey everyone, I've not blogged in such a long time so I thought I'd just throw a quick one out to start out my 2010 blogging hehe, so first of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :bouncy: Now that that's out of the way, I'd just like to bring something up that has been kind of bugging me recently with the CAG blogs.

Does anyone else find it annoying when people create...

LittleWildman's Blog > Another Set Of Rock Band 2 Pictures

Posted 14 September 2009

Yes another one of these from me, you don't have to read it do you? I'm not forcing you ;)

Anyway just thought I'd update you guys with a couple more Rock Band 2 accomplishments of mine with comments on all of them :)

This one is kind of old but I LOVE to play this song, and it's really hard...

LittleWildman's Blog > So I Started College Today =(

Posted 08 September 2009

So yeah this blog is going to be a little different to my other blogs. More about my personal life than video games.

I started college today and my first impressions weren't too bad at all, but as it gradually went through the day I started to realise that I just was not going to enjoy college (well this course anyway). The course I'd applied for was Nat...

LittleWildman's Blog > 83/84 Drum Gold Stars On Rock Band 2

Posted 03 September 2009

Okay, so I've not blogged in a while and I definitely think this was worthy of mentioning here, as it took just over a month to get (think the Seriously 2.0 achievement on Gears Of War 2 only more fun and less time consuming haha).

I just got my 83rd on disc gold star on Rock Band 2 on drums out of 84. The 84th song is Visions, and if any of you have se...

LittleWildman's Blog > Yet ANOTHER Rock Band Blog

Posted 01 August 2009

Yeah you're probably getting sick of me always going on about Rock Band but it's my favourite game, I have a lot to say about it ;). I just wanted to post a few pictures from some of the accomplishments I've gotten since I got my IONs. Sorry about the bad quality photos by the way, my camera is near dead on batteries. Oh and the gamertag is different on t...