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Blog jr233270 > Goodbye, Old Friend.

Posted 14 March 2013

My 60 GB launch PS3 got the YLOD this week. Even worse, I had just purchased MLB 13 The Show and the system seemingly ate the disc along with my hopes and dreams of winning the World Series with the Cubs this year.

Now, instead of having the system reflown/reballed, or whatever it's called, I took the system apart, opened up the blu ray drive, and retri...

Blog jr233270 > I think I made a mistake (albeit a good one?)

Posted 14 March 2013

As I'm sure my fellow Wii U console owners know, the games have not exactly been rolling in on a weekly basis the past few months. With that in mind, I looked at the upcoming release schedule and there are quite a few good games coming out next week.

I had some Gamestop credit so I went to the store today and did some damage. I pre-ordered, and paid i...

Blog jr233270 > My Black Friday 2012 Shopping

Posted 05 December 2012

I think I did rather well this year. Thoughts? In case you can't tell:


1. Playstation 3D Display
2. Wii U Deluxe Console
3. iPad (4? the newest one) 64GB
4. Assassin's Creed III
5. Sonic Racing Transformed
6. Super Mario Bros U
7. ZombiU
8. Black Ops II (Wii U)...

Blog jr233270 > How I discovered CAG

Posted 05 December 2012

I joined this site five years ago but I actually discovered it in August of that year and just lurched in the shadows for a few months.

It was the week before Bioshock launched in August 2007 and I stumbled across a link on google that said Bioshock's street date had been broken by Toys R Us. I clicked the link and it brought me to the CAG forums. The...