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#14199489 Battlefield V Deluxe Edition (Xbox One Digital Code) $11.99

Posted by bagwelljeff on 15 August 2019 - 08:20 PM

Price jumped to $15.99  :bomb:

#14176691 Too Human FREE on XBLA

Posted by trinken wir on 11 June 2019 - 10:54 PM

Am I the only one that liked this game? Have the disk but free digital is good too. Thanks OP.

#14101219 Battlefield 1: Revolution Edition w/ Battlefield 1943 (Xbox One Digital Code)...

Posted by patcrazystar64 on 10 December 2018 - 04:42 PM

The DLC for BF1 was made free multiple times but I might pick this up just for Battlefiele 1943.

#14100816 *DEAD* Google Home Mini for $1 (Spotify Trial wokraround)

Posted by spicoli420 on 09 December 2018 - 08:30 PM

I wonder how much it costs Google to make a Mini...


#13961234 20% off eBay purchase of $25+ Today only - DEAD

Posted by incrediblehark on 10 March 2018 - 03:30 AM

Great ebay deal! Was tempted to get the Xbox one x but went with 4 rare games for Saturn and Dreamcast I've been putting off getting. 

#13955875 Amazon: Destiny 2 xbox CE $95

Posted by GodofGambler on 01 March 2018 - 04:21 AM

Buy CEs based on how much you want to pay, not on supply & demand, collectible, flipping, etc. If later they are gone, let it be. You can’t collect them all.

#13951953 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition Icon Pack $23.99 w/ GCU @...

Posted by Sigma on 23 February 2018 - 02:58 PM

I didn't see this posted anywhere yet, but I stumbled across this deal this morning and jumped on it for this price. 


This is the Legacy Edition which includes both Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered. You also get an icon pack and a pair of socks. This is by far the cheapest I've seen this for. 


PS4 Link   Xbox One Link

#13951009 Middle-Earth: Shadow of War (Xbox Play Anywhere Digital Code) for $27.16

Posted by dfo on 21 February 2018 - 10:35 PM

Is this for the entire game or just the base vanilla version? i.e. Do you still have to pay another $30 to complete the game? Man I hate all these digital versions of games these days... just sell me a game.

That's the base game only.


If you want all DLC, you'll either have to buy the "Gold Edition" (which has a "season pass" for all past and future DLC expansions), or buy the base game and then buy the DLC piecemeal (or all at once with the $39.99 "Expansion Pass.")


SOM GOTY was going for ~$10 on Xbox Live and PSN at Black Friday the year after it launched, so if you can wait 9 more months you'll probably save some significant cash.

#13907262 20% off PSN coupon in ‘What’s New’ weekly email YMMV

Posted by drd7of14 on 16 December 2017 - 02:52 AM

I never get these...Doesn't matter how many times I tell Sony I wanted to receive them. Doesn't matter that I change my subscription status to YES! They still won't send me anything.

#13877872 Best Buy Ad 11/19-11/22: PS4 1TB or PSVR $199.99 each

Posted by WNYX585AM on 15 November 2017 - 10:11 PM

Some Best Buy's are doing PSVR Experiences where they are demo'ing them.  I believe some gamestops are too.  You can check out the list here:




Put your zipcode in.  I tried it out for the first time last weekend at BB.  I tried 3 different demo's because no one was waiting so he let me keep going.  The day prior was my first time ever experiencing VR at the mall in the MS store and I was instantly sold.  I previously was skeptical but once I tried it I was bought in.  You can't really explain it until you try it.  Seeing "videos" of it does not do it any justice.  I had no clue what the depth/3D aspect of it was like until I did it, and it's just really damn cool.  But it's clearly not for everyone.

This is perfect timing since i'll have a few days off next week to recover from the pink eye.

#13861147 $5 Amazon Gift Card at Coca Cola.com

Posted by gentlyporking on 26 October 2017 - 04:47 PM

Yup...they even used to clean up a dirty ass motor. WTH is it doing to ppl when they drink it lol

Making our insides super clean?

#13751726 Ys VIII PS4 currently $43.44 on Amazon and comes with preorder bonus

Posted by Jupiter Jones on 23 June 2017 - 12:25 PM

now it's 43.44 :o I'm tempted but it might drop another dollar.

If you preorder on amazon, you automatically get any future price drops.

#13656586 Wii U - Beginning of the end > Cheap game thread

Posted by soonersfan60 on 09 March 2017 - 01:31 AM

I want the Wii U Sports game, but I refuse to pay $75 for it.

#13574593 Steam link (stream games to your tv) $19.99/ 60% off @ Amazon

Posted by the_vahngo on 22 December 2016 - 02:36 PM

Yesssssssssssssss but do I need it? Do I need it??????

My PC and computer are both in the living room. TV is 50 inches but only 60hz, monitor is 24 inches but 144hz.

I do play some games where I get like 71fps so maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea but I already have an Xbox and ps4 attached to the TV.

Do I need this???

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i play sp games mostly on my tv and some 3rd person multiplayer games, when it comes to fps games or competitive I play on my monitor.


it's an absolute steal at this price and works with wireless ps4/x1 controllers. no adapter required.  also it works with the sony gold wireless headset too.

#13533731 Xbox One S Battlefield 500gb bundle $230

Posted by sk3tchcom on 23 November 2016 - 02:47 AM

500 gb is almost worthless if you're gaming. you can store about 5-6 games on the hard drive. That beings said, this is a decent deal but not world beating. Yesterday Amazon had the 1 TB Battlefield 1 special edition with the Division and Fallout 4 for 299. It's worth it for the extra 500 gb unless you're a person who plays 1 game, finishes it and uninstalls it. 

500GB/1TB/2TB who gives a shiz...use an external USB drive and get the cheapest Xbox 1 S. It's super easy to use an external. I have a 4TB.