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In Topic: CAG PSN Gamesharing #9 - Find/Create a Gameshare Group and Gameshare FAQ

17 May 2020 - 08:27 AM

Glad to see this thread has lived on. I havent been back in a few years due to life, kids, taking a break from gaming, etc.

It finally happened and my hard drive couldnt be recovered. Lost all of my ps3 saves, and even worse my gameshares and cant recover any of my resells due to not logging in after ToS changes and the accounts may have been deleted on Sonys end if thats the way it works.

Mainly looking for Disgaea shares or DLC. I owned Disgaea D2 on an account but cant recover it. Lost Disgaea 3 DLC share, but lost the gamesaves too so guess I can start over without the DLC.

Also is the PS3 library shares still a thing? Sorry about my miserable story. Carry on.