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Blog V4oLDbOY > Quick Thrills... My winter break plans

Posted 11 December 2009

Well with my last final tomorrow and my gf being extremely busy with work and getting ready for nursing school in january I have found myself virtually alone during winter break. Did I mention I do inventory and no stores want inventories during the hollidays so I got no work until after christmas.

So, I restarted my gamefly account, for some reason they...

Blog V4oLDbOY > Apple...I love your products but hate your service so much!!!

Posted 24 August 2008

Long story short. Macbook, around 1 year old, put into sleep mode. Came home and hooray flashing question mark folder.

That is equal to the red ring of death of the xbox 360 for anyone who hasn't experienced it before. Basically its when the macbook (or any mac) cant access the hard drive. i.e. hard drive failure.

Long story:

So tough shit right,...

Blog V4oLDbOY > Howl's Moving Castle Paper-craft endeavor...

Posted 07 August 2008

This is what I'm going for...

I recently have been looking for something to keep me busy... other than games of course. So I came across a Totoro paper-craft, not too complicated. Get it Here
http://img76.imagesh...dsc03155ny7.jpg http://img56.imagesh...03156ru8.jpg...

Blog V4oLDbOY > Epic MLB Trade Deadline deals!!!

Posted 01 August 2008

I say EPIC since this has to be one of (if not the biggest) trade deadline trades to date.

http://d.yimg.com/a/.../1217477867.jpg http://www.tiricosua...b_manny.jpg?v=0
I'd take that deal if I were you Theo Epstein...

#1 epic deal: Manny asked to be traded multiple times and lately hasn't been playing as had as even...

Blog V4oLDbOY > Connections you may or may not know about (Resident Evil 4 & Leon[movie])

Posted 01 August 2008

No...its not the main character's names...

I finally finished RE4 for the first time, yes the first time. I played it years ago, but like a lot of my games it gets thrown on the shelf about 3/4 the way through.

This is a small connection, but an interesting one to me since I am a fan of the film Leon.

When you finish the game the character "Leon" is g...