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Blog Nathan_Sama > Imported Figure Collection: S.H Figuarts Kamen Rider W

Posted 28 October 2010

One of my first imported figures from Japan

Cyclone Joker Form



Now, count up your sins!


Blog Nathan_Sama > I need advice on buying my first laptop

Posted 14 April 2010

I posted this in the PC forum as well, but I though I'd post on my blog too to get a array of opinions, so please don't be hatin' the Nathan.

I plan on getting a laptop to replace my desktop, but I don't know whether to get this Compaq ( http://www.amazon.co..../dp/B0031RFTEQ ) at walmart or just wait for another paycheck or two to get...

Blog Nathan_Sama > What I recieved for Christmas

Posted 27 December 2009

I say I had one of the best Christmases(sp?) in a long time

Day before Christmas Eve I got a Seiko watch from my grandpa delivered via UPS

Christmas Eve:
In this order
$10 itunes GC (thanks SexyTime!)
Flannel sleep pants
Beatles Rock Band
$10 w/ Obama inaugural letter/postal stamp (Aunt is a postmaster)
Giant chocolate bar w/ $25 GC t...

Blog Nathan_Sama > Got red faction guerrilla for $10, and suspected for shoplifting at K-mart

Posted 15 September 2009

Long time, no blog CAG.

So recently I bought Red Faction Guerrilla for $10, and Soul Calibur 4 for $5. :drool:
My longtime friend from the next town over asked me if I wanted these games for those prices, but since I was broke, I had to scrounge the house for money.
Surrprisingly I found exactly $15 in quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies! (True to the...

Blog Nathan_Sama > Hey, wanna hear my one of a kind experience at gamestop?

Posted 24 March 2009

First of all let me state (for those interested) that I probably won't be able to more Genesis Reviews for a while. I got a Marching Band Florida trip, Eagle Scout project, and Prom dates to plan out. (btw I asked out 8 girls to prom as friends and all 8 said no. ouch?)

So anywho I'm tired of the long winded Gamestop rants other people post and get down...