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Blog nightmare452 > How to make gaming better

Posted 13 February 2013

*EDIT: From Game Informer's intro column. Fantastic writing by them, this is why I still read gaming magazine*

How to make gaming better:

1) Don't be a dirtbag online. I'd pay any company an exorbitant fee to play on an age-gated service that actively and aggressively removes dirtbags from online games, and I have a feeling I'm not alone. Try being...

Blog nightmare452 > It begins: Single player content being locked with online pass.

Posted 27 January 2012

It had to be EA...

First of, I consider this a rumor, but I'm gonna discuss/rant about it anyway.


Ok, so it seems the new game developed by 38 Studios, and more importantly, published in part by Electronic Arts, Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning is locking sing...

Blog nightmare452 > Mini-rant on next Xbox rumor reactions and possible Wii U name change.

Posted 26 January 2012

Next Xbox rumor links: http://xbox360.ign.c.../1217257p1.html
Wii U name change rumor:http://wii.ign.com/articles/121/1217316p1.html

Ok, those links are just to get anyone caught up on what I'm talking about.

So first off, about the rumor of the next Xbox and the possibility that it won't allow used games. My main rant here is people who...

Blog nightmare452 > PSVita, what to do with you? To buy, or not to buy (a CAGs analysis)

Posted 29 December 2011

Here we go, a new console, and my urge to buy it comes out.

Of course, we talking about the PS Vita, so I wanted to write my own perspective on the pros and cons of buying it versus waiting. So lets be clear, I WILL buy a PS Vita, its not a question of if, its a when question. Should I buy it now in February and risk any "early adopter" troubles (mainly...

Blog nightmare452 > Why Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer is great, but broken.

Posted 09 November 2011

Why Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer is great, but broken.
by "Neo", aka nightmare452

So Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) came out yesterday. You bought it right? According to preorder estimates and past COD sales numbers, of course you did. Some play it for the multiplayer, others for single player or spec ops modes. So after yesterday’s release, I wante...