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In Topic: The 2023 Gamestop Thread

16 March 2023 - 11:42 PM

Used mine to pick up No More Heroes 3 switch for in store pickup. Worked well with trading in Ghost of Tsushima for $26 after 30% extra trade in bonus.

In Topic: Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

16 March 2023 - 09:12 PM

If I didn't already have a steam deck or even if they improved battery life I would be super tempted to buy another 64gb model that's currently on sale. Extremely good price on an emulation powerhouse. For now I think I'll hold off and instead save those funds for a revision in the future with hopefully better screen and battery life. 

In Topic: Nintendo eShop Deals and Discussions

11 March 2023 - 10:22 PM

I've been arguing with myself ever since I got the pair of vouchers what to use the second one on. The first one went straight to preordering Tears of the Kingdom. I want something a) that generally holds its price, maxing out the value of the voucher, b) rarely if ever goes on sale and c) is a game I can put a LOT of hours into. I'm torn between Fire Emblem 3 Houses and Link's Awakening, based on the currently available options. I've got all the Mario and Pokemon games I want to play currently, Link's Awakening is the only Zelda title on the list that is on my wish list, and I refuse to go down the Animal Crossing rabbit hole again. Got that crack monkey off my back after the 3DS version.

Worst case scenario I'd recommend Xenoblade 3 as I doubt that game gets a significant drop anytime soon and meets the criteria above. 

In Topic: H: Slots for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion pak 2023 to 2024

07 March 2023 - 07:46 AM

Would you do for $10 eshop code?

In Topic: The 2023 Gamestop Thread

04 March 2023 - 01:51 PM

The double dip was a nice ride while it lasted. A lot less practical now with the current limitations, at least was able to rack up a ton of eshop and steam credit this past 1-2 years.