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Blog StinkyCheese > Bzzt! Rotom is now the new jesus in my life

Posted 30 September 2008


Several A4 sheets of colored craft paper, pencils, markers, glue, more than an hour of work, and a bin full of crumpled paper.

I really love Rotoms new formes. I mean, if I told you 10 years ago that there would be a fridge pokemon, what would you say?

Ordinary Rotom


Blog StinkyCheese > Obssesive enough for you? More pokemon drawings

Posted 18 September 2008

Above: Groudon, Gardevoir and Butterfree

Really happy with todays drawings.

I took a side-on view for Butterfree, and it turned out really well. The green dust underneath it is Sleep Powder, a move from the games. not much can be said for Groudon and Gardevoir, except that I'm...

Blog StinkyCheese > Holy crap. My music, pictures ,... AND PAPERCRAFTS!

Posted 10 September 2008


Oh crap. No matter where I try to open it, my 'My Documents' folder wont open, and the folders inside wont open (like when I plug in my ipod, it should load up itunes, but itunes is in My Music, which is in My Documents)

a papercraft of Wombat I had finished designing, and was going...

Blog StinkyCheese > My pokeman drawings, let me show you them

Posted 09 September 2008

Hey, I dont just make awesome papercrafts. I love to draw as well ^_^


Gyarados is just so badass. Magikarp is just like that really ugly chick in high school that turns out to be incredibly hot at college. Still, i've always had a soft spot for Magikarp regardless.

Anyways, g...

Blog StinkyCheese > Pew! Pew! Papercraft!: Mr. Destructoid edition

Posted 03 September 2008


Yeah, I like Destructoid. It has the charm and humour most blogs will never have, some great writers, and of course, the lovable Mr. Destructoid.

In case anyone is wondering, the title and picture are supposed to mirror Destructoids blogging style (Please dont sue me!)

the text is iro...