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Blog punkmaggit > Happy 2-year Anniversary fl0wer!!

Posted 12 February 2011


Two years ago today a game came out on the PlayStation Network that changed my life. That game is fl0wer and it was lovingly created by the wonderful folks at thatgamecompany. You might have heard of 'em, as their previuos title, fl0w, was also released to critical acclaim....

Blog punkmaggit > Ebay?? FORGET ebay. My lowball will beat 'em all.

Posted 21 October 2009

HOLY SHATNER - I'm throwing a huge lowball. There's 200+ items up for bids so grab them while you can! It'll end Wednesday the 28th at 8:00 PM PST so come on by!

9762 9748

LOTS of good stuff - Atlus titles, PS2 RPG's, SNES RPG's, pretty much every system has at least something up for grabs. Come take a look! (Click on the frenzied shoppers to get...

Blog punkmaggit > Someone give this man a job!

Posted 04 September 2009

I'd pay good money to see this guy do the entire soundtrack for an independent game release. Something on PSN or XBLA would be perfect .

Blog punkmaggit > Ode to Shimrra's Daily HaHa

Posted 14 August 2009

As much as I look forward to Shimrra's Daily HaHa, he's on vacation. I thought I'd post some stuff in his absence (with his approval of course!). Have a great day CAG!




Blog punkmaggit > My auction of the DECADE!!

Posted 03 August 2009

.... or how I won the English version of Terranigma, a homemade Star Ocean cartridge, and the PAL SNES to play them on!!!



I couldn't believe it when I saw it, and I knew I just had to have it. My wife was very supportive and knew how much it meant to me....