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Blog buttmunky > What I Saw Today

Posted 27 May 2010

To make up for the recent lack of Haha's, You Laugh, You Lose, and the Funnies, here are a few pics to end the day with.



Blog buttmunky > National Hump Day

Posted 27 August 2008

Remember when I said I'd talk about my teacher. I lied. *eats pie*

We're halfway through the week! *screams* Hang on now, were not in the weekend just yet. But you can hum this song while the rest of the week goes by. Its likely from the UK so you know its good and it sounds like techno, so you can dance to the music when nobody is looking.


Blog buttmunky > So very tired...

Posted 27 August 2008

While I should be sleeping right now, I have decided to write a quickie. for the past couple of days, I haven't been sleeping a lot (about 4 hours a day) and didn't sleep at all two days ago.

The reason for this is homework. I tend to procrastinate quite a bit which ends up turning into staying up late. The thing with homework is that i take longer to d...