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Blog Ecofreak > It's Official: Playstation Vita Launching Feb 22, 2012 in US, Canada and Europe

Posted 19 October 2011

Just posted on the Official Playstation.Blog site

Time to start saving up!

Blog Ecofreak > Deleted.

Posted 12 March 2011

Hello Everyone!

In Japan, people will fold 1,000 origami cranes when loved ones get sick. I'd like to do that before the DC Cherry Blossom Festival on 9 April and am asking for sponsors -- $5 or more donation directly to the International Red Cross . Anyone interested in being a sponsor? I'll do it if I can get $50 and will take pictures of my progress....

Blog Ecofreak > Oh Snap -- Was the PSP Phone Just Leaked?

Posted 27 October 2010

From Engadget.com (Follow the link for more pictures)


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This looks pretty interesting and plausible given the picture system's similarity to the PSPGo form factor.

Personally, I hope they sell it as a non-phone version as well because I'm very happy w/...

Blog Ecofreak > Norwegian Boy Saves Sister from Moose Thanks to World of WarCraft

Posted 05 June 2010


From Next Nature (who also provide the amazing pic above), and sent in by several readers:



Blog Ecofreak > PS3 Goes Portable (From Kotaku)

Posted 14 December 2009

A bit of irony that this highly entertaining post comes from Kotaku, given the discussion many of us have been having on the Blogs about them.


I'd do this in a heart beat especially the repelling from a building.