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Blog ThreeRandomWords > This year I resolve to remember not to forget my resolutions, whatever they where

Posted 01 January 2009

***Disclaimer*** The following post is in no way in no way affiliated or ripping off of zenprime’s “Three Things on Thursdays” series of blog posts. Yes it is a list of things being posted on a Thursday, but there are a couple of noticeable differences. First, there are four things on this blog, because four is better than three. Second this blog is actua...

Blog ThreeRandomWords > ‘Twas the night before, huh…it’s morning already?

Posted 25 December 2008

I tend to be a bit of a night owl. Being awake at night, long after normal people have gone to bed just feels natural to me. Any time I’m forced to get up before 10AM I feel like a zombie (but usually without the craving for brains). I can function on a normal sleep schedule, which I have to adopt sometimes for school or work, but it never feels natural t...