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Blog Sparta > My Take on the Wii

Posted 16 April 2010

I first got a wii around June of 2008, and I played through the few "good" titles it had out for it. I mainly bought it for my woman, and family who would visit, and I remember them having a blast with it for a few weeks, hell, even my 63 year old grandma enjoyed bowling. :lol:
Then after those few weeks of bliss, no one wanted to really play it, other th...

Blog Sparta > No Canada...

Posted 18 December 2008

I posted a blog a few months ago about moving to Canada and got some feedback, so I just wanted to give a little update to anyone who might care! ;)

To start, our Visas had some problems when we tried to get our work permits at the border, and we were forced out of Canada (well, they gave us 5 days to get out) and to stay in Michigan for awhile.

Blog Sparta > Made A Move To Canada!

Posted 02 September 2008

So, made a move to Canada yesterday! It's a little too early to judge, but I think it'll grow on me. It's just a different atmosphere from FL and some of the other places I moved to, but I hope I'll get used to it and like it ASAP.

I won't be trading for awhile because we are waiting for our stuff/the truck in Florida. It might take a month or so, which...