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In Topic: Amazon Trade-In FAQ 6.0

Yesterday, 11:47 PM

Is 3 copies the limit at GS to avoid bans?

From what everyone says apparently your account gets flagged if you go over 4 within a month. I think we've only had it happen to a few people in the GS TIV thread. And for reference I think it's 4 for the same console. It doesn't apply with mlb, but I think you could do 4 per console. I've hardly ever traded more than 1 of anything, so I can't attest to this info personally. It's good to keep in mind though.

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Yesterday, 11:41 PM

Receipts with bought copies of Arkham Knight mentioned the promo.

Crap. I thought it was automatic at the register. I was planning on trading my copy I bought on amazon. All I can get is $33?

In Topic: Amazon Trade-In FAQ 6.0

Yesterday, 06:33 PM

Yeah I just got back from BestBuy and it rang up $15.99 + tax with GCU for one copy only, so you will have to do multiple transactions if you want more than one.

I was just wondering if separate transactions would work. Is this confirmed?

In Topic: Amazon Trade-In FAQ 6.0

Yesterday, 05:52 PM

Some CAGs have said it's $15.99 when they go in-store to pick it up, which would be the 20% discount off of a $19.99 price.  It's on-sale @ $39.99 and GCU is giving $20 additional off, so it's $19.99 online. 


I have an order for in-store pickup that was at $19.99, though I'm going to have them scan the UPC @ pickup time and if it's $15.99, I'll have them cancel the order and pick it up as an in-store order @ $15.99. 


Link to the PS4 version on BB.com:


Thanks. I just read that as well in the dedicated thread as well. Seems good enough for me.

In Topic: Amazon Trade-In FAQ 6.0

Yesterday, 05:43 PM

First off, it's $16 + tax, not $15, only in-store with GCU.  Online with GCU, it's $20. 


Secondly, it's $26.14:

MLB 15 The Show (PS4) (G) $26.19 (A) $22.36


It's also $23 base right now at GS, so if it holds up next week when the 50% bonus is active, it'll be $36.80 @ GS with PUR Pro.

I'm signed in to my GCU account and it's only $19.99 when I add it to the cart. Is this correct? This is how it usually used to be with $$$ off GCU specific promotions when BB would run them regularly.


Is it $16 if you go and buy it in store or am I doing something wrong?