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In Topic: CAGcast #573: Our 2018 Favorites 1 USB Charge, Birthday Presents for Children

21 December 2018 - 11:58 PM

Had to dig my old CAG username out of the grave and brave the terrible password recovery to throw my two cents into the Iron Man conversation:


Ship, you've never sounded more like an old man than you do trying to argue that Iron Man isn't a top tier character. Superman is this generation's Three Stooges: they know who he is, but that's "dad's superhero". Kids coming up recognize Superman as a logo, but not as a character. They haven't been alive to see any *good* Superman content, but they know that the "S" logo looks good on t-shirts and basketball players' biceps.


Look in the toy aisle or that weird pop-culture end-cap in the electronics section of your beloved Target: They've got a lot of Iron Man there. It's what kids want. Spider-Man is there, too, and he's still one of the most important characters in comics, but for the new generation, Iron Man is right up there with Batman and Spidey, easily taking Superman's place.