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Blog Will > Disappointed in CAG.

Posted 31 January 2011

Its a shame when high feedback members Fuck up and instead of splitting the blame on what happened, they choose to push all blame away from them.

When they get a neutral for their overall actions, and they outright lie to mods about what really happened, and that neutral gets taken away and the postive I got, which was only given in hopes I wouldnt neg...

Blog Will > The one time I mattered on CAG.

Posted 04 May 2010

Had someone remind me of this and they thanked me again...its old news but I was glad to help-


If youre wondering, my ID before using my name now was Stink Pickle.

Blog Will > Hiro Nakamura Sketch Card Collection

Posted 26 July 2009

Decided to concentrate strictly on Hiro vs everyone in Heroes. Consists of series 1 and 2 sketch cards.

Series 1-
http://i5.photobucke...eroes/Kong1.jpg http://i5.photobucke.../Gutierrez4.jpg http://i5.photobucke...y184/CkyTx/N...

Blog Will > More for my Heroes collection.

Posted 10 October 2008

It had been awhile since I had added anything to my Heroes collection so I snagged a few Hiro related things-


http://i5.photobucke...roes 2/Cook.jpg


Blog Will > Heroes Card Collection pt3

Posted 09 September 2008

I had nothing better to do for the moment so I thought Id show off some of my Heroes series 1 and 2 trading card collection.

Part 3 was set aside for the sketch cards which makes up the better part of my collection.

The character thats had my attn since episode 1 has always been Hiro so naturally Ive been drawn to collecting the sketch cards of him when...