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eelsushi1's super lowball sale extravaganza is OVER! tallying up totals!

19 April 2009 - 03:30 AM

Mods, please close any other trade threads i may have open. thanks!

due to my low student income and various expenses, i have decided to have a lowball sale
1) Simply type in your max bid for these items in the forum replies. No PMs. No Emails. Just reply in the forum reply section. This is to keep bids public and to keep my PM box from overflowing as it has in the past.
2) I will update the page to reflect your bids and at the end of the period I will declare the winners and tell you where to send the money.
3) No minimum for any items. You can win them for as little as you bid. So if you bid $1.00 and win it, it's yours for a $1.00 (plus shipping). If someone bids $5 and you outbid them for $10, you win the item for your max bid and pay whatever you bid plus shipping ($2-$3 USD or so).
4) Please note that you will be expected to pay the amount you bid
plus appropriate shipping if you have the highest offer at the end. Negative feedback may be left for those who choose not to follow through with payment.
5) Shipping for Box Sets, Special Editions and heavier items will be slightly higher. I will try to list approximate shipping next to these items.
6) International buyers are welcome, but please note your shipping is likely to be more expensive.Simple as that ^_^ If you have any questions just ask
7. Bid increase is $1.

Shipping will be the standard rate of $3, with $1 added for each additional game.
heres the items. happy bidding :lol::lol: