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#12563022 All used Vita games 7.99 @ BB

Posted by AkariK on 12 March 2015 - 04:47 AM

I wanted Dangan Ronpa and Wolf Among Us, but of course, not available at all around me.

#12267447 Amazon Warehouse Deals Thread XIII

Posted by AkariK on 25 November 2014 - 07:54 AM

Got my Used VG PS4 today. Box was damaged in the corner but taped over with clear tape. Sony seal was intact and inside was new and mint - you could tell by how nicely everything was wrapped. Woo! Time to empty my wallet on BF deals!

#12260830 Amazon Warehouse Deals Thread XIII

Posted by AkariK on 23 November 2014 - 12:03 AM

I bought one of the PS4s that showed up on AWD last night. I was trying to get the $269 one because it said sealed with box damage, and the $287 one said original packaging only, but I couldn't get the $269 one to get to my cart so I got the other one. I was really hoping to see Amazon match the Destiny bundle for BF (because it's white) but I'd rather save the $100 here.


This is the first time I've gotten in on a crazy AWD listing, so I'm stoked.

#12244896 Best Buy Black Friday AD Preview [LIVE Now!]

Posted by AkariK on 17 November 2014 - 12:43 AM

Crap, Diablo 3 Ultimate PS3 version isn't on sale? That's annoying... now I have to figure out where to get the PS3 one for BF.

#10875767 PSN Weekly Deals - 8/27: PAX Indie Sale, DJ Hero/2/GH Sale, Spelunky $11...

Posted by AkariK on 03 July 2013 - 07:08 AM

Yesterday while downloading the LBP2 patches and then the Cross Controller DLC, I got the 2GB of patches VERY quickly - I was getting over 1MB/s download. Today, around the same time, I am downloading Spec Ops for fun, and it is going stupidly slow. I think it's just tied to everyone jumping on the new stuff for the week. It will probably go back to being fast tomorrow.


Edit: Time frame is ~7-10PM PST.