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In Topic: Playstation Deals, PS Plus games, and Discussion

20 April 2021 - 09:50 AM


How do I know what PS3 games I own are PS+, and which I actually own?

If you happened to ever let your PS+ expire, then the date you renewed it will reissue all your PS+ purchases on that date. So they will all show as purchased in your download list on that date. The only other way I know of checking is to have the game downloaded, click triangle, go to info and see if the game says it will expire. If it has an expiration date it’s obviously a PS+.


BEFORE the nincomboobs coding the new PlayStation web store (while the old site was still around as default, or with the "psapp" backdoor), you could still use PSDLE to grab the ENTIRE purchase library (including themes, avatars, PS3, Vita, and PSP).  Hopefully if you've ever run a PSDLE report and still have it lying around, that could isolate which content was given freely by PS+.  Nowadays PSDLE only has access to your PS4 full title purchases on the "playstation.com" site, but there's still 1 other way to grab that list ...


In Chrome ... head to https://account.sony...mentnetwork.com , click on "Transactions", and either find the date you renewed your PS+ subscription, or navigate the dates until you find hundreds of transactions on the same date in 2020.  Anything among those transactions upon that 1 date will be your PS+ free content.


Or if you're lazy, you might searching for emails from "PlayStation <reply@txn-email.playstation.com>" or "Sony Entertainment Network <Sony@email.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com>" and see what emails include the text "$0.00". :lol:

In Topic: Rite-Aid BonusCash Rewards for Mar. 28 - Apr. 3 ... 20% ROI on GC’s for Xbox,...

26 March 2021 - 07:22 AM

This might be obvious, but the promo is for “$30 or more, limit 2”, not “$60 or more”, so it would be over-spending to get a $59.99 PS+ 12-month subscription GC, or a $49.99 Xbox Game Pass 3-month subscription GC, when that same subscription can be purchased using credit in your account funded by $30 increments ... not to mention most subscriptions are cheaper when purchased digitally from 3rd-party websites (like cdkeys.com, eneba.com, etc).


Also if you want to buy $120 of GC’s intended for Old Navy, you still have to buy 2 GAP and 2 Old Navy cards at $30 apiece. :wall:

In Topic: Rockstar Codes for Xbox

10 December 2020 - 07:03 AM

Almost gave up looking for a Rockstar / Cyberpunk / Kroger thread, because I didn't want to start a new one.  Hopefully CAG's search will find this thread easier now?
Between Monday Dec. 7th through Tuesday, Dec. 15th ... all Rockstar cans are 10/$10 at Kroger chains, aka $1 apiece!  Although most Cyberpunk-branded cans have already been sold/consumed, my local Fred Meyer in Bellevue, WA had at least 20 cases of Samurai Cola on a mountainous storefront display (1 case = 12 cans).
Though I understand folks don't want to drink/hoard so much Rockstar before Dec. 31st ... hear me out:

  • The tabs can be easily pried up using pliers & a flathead screwdriver (to read the codes).
  • I really like this berry-flavored cola, especially when mixed with another 16oz of diet cola to slow the sugar intake, so that's fine with me.
  • Sugar can remain in cool storage for a LOT longer than Sucralose or Erythritol, and the citric/benzoic acids will help with that.
  • Glucose & Sucrose can more-easily be utilized by the body, whereas Fructose must be first processed by the liver (and potentially stored as a fatty oil).  Sucralose isn't so bad (as a zero-calorie sweetener), because you're consuming non-digestible bleached sugar.  :shock:
  • Erythritol (used in a few Sugar-Free flavors), more than other sugar-alcohols I've tried, gives me the shitzus.  :booty:

In Topic: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Deal

02 December 2020 - 06:47 AM

So my subscription ends on December 6, 2020.  I have several 3 month codes to use.  Any reason to hold off until my sub ends before I use the codes?  Any chance for a $1 resub once it expires?

You won't see another $1/month or "1:1 carry-over" deal for any existing GP account.  As a Game-Pass user, your backend profile switched from XBL to XGP, and it's a 1-way trip, assuming the news is true they're about to close down the "Live" brand, or at transfer XBL-Gold benefits (just multiplayer, not free stuff) to all XBL accounts (what has been the XBL-Silver level).  The purpose of those deals was to copy more information about you to the new GP database with your consent, not just to be nice.  :D/

In Topic: Info PSA: Save Wizard Max for PS4 DOES work on PS5

02 December 2020 - 06:35 AM

Sorry to be a downer, but though it will work for offline games, once you go online in a game, it should be relatively painless for a pub/dev to notice your character has had extraordinary gains, out-of-spec values, passing checksum validations, or worse using an identical save-file as players.  Sure if the game includes a cheat menu or dev controls (such as Subnautica or Surviving Mars), then the dev/pub knows they left the barn door open, but multiplayer games typically don't have those.  In 2020 & beyond, the ramifications of 1 cheat in 1 game can have sweeping consequences if you get locked out of online-licensed content, and Hyperkin won't give a Fuck if you get locked out of a game or PSN itself. :shame: