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Blog sliknik27 > Movies, School, and a Blog-It Too

Posted 31 January 2010

Good evening, my friends. After a long hiatus, I have decided to return to the world of video blogging. I apologize for the complete lack of energy in this video, but I've been waking up at 4 in the morning to go into work and sleep has been a rare commodity. As always, questions are welcome and I'll try to answer them in my next video.


Blog sliknik27 > The 2009 Endies: Game of the Year

Posted 15 January 2010

Today is the day that the inaugural Endies come to an end. I thought long and hard about what my game of the year would be and came up with a limited list. I didn't play a lot of games, but those I did were mostly fantastic, making this a very difficult decision. In the end I knuckled up and made my surprising pick. Read on to find out.

Game of the Year...

Blog sliknik27 > The 2009 Endies: Day 3

Posted 12 January 2010

As we approach the halfway point of Januaryand the video game barrage of 2010 begins, the inaugural Endies are winding down. We've had some great times, a couple people got punched in the face, and you've seen that I play almost exclusively old games. But fear not, my GOTY will come to light in the next and final entry. Until then, enjoy one finalancillar...

Blog sliknik27 > The 2009 Endies: Day 2

Posted 08 January 2010

Good evening boy and girls and welcome back to my personal End o' the Year Awards, or as I call 'em, The Endies! I apologize for going AWOL yesterday, but I was stuck at the hospital for 13+ hours and didn't have the time or energy to write after getting home. So without further ado, here are the winners for day 2.

Music to My Ears Award

This award...

Blog sliknik27 > The 2009 Endies: Day 1

Posted 05 January 2010

As 2009 fades from our memories like a high school crush and we return to the rigors of daily life, I'd like to take a few days to reflect on my personal gaming experiences, or lack thereof. I didn't do nearly as much gaming as I'd hoped, but probably did about as much as I realistically expected. School has become a new kind of suffocating; some might ev...