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Blog volt1up > XBL Indie Games Uprising

Posted 08 December 2010


Has anyone been picking up any games from these releases?

So far in for:
Epic Dungeon
Decimation X3
Asteroids Do Concern Me
Aphelion EP1 Since Ep 2 is coming out.

They've all been around 80MSP. Im basically spending bing rewards monies.

Blog volt1up > Call Of Podcast #40

Posted 18 July 2010

The Girl With The Esteban Tattoo

"We're joined this week by a paragon of gentlemanly demeanor, our friend and fellow gamer player, Maruan. He joins us from la chateau dans la Akabane, the Urban Stage itself (AKA Esteban's apartment). Discussion this week drifts far and wide from Schafer VS. Kotick to Shadowrun to the films of David Fincher and be...

Blog volt1up > If you like the CAGcast you might like...

Posted 24 May 2010

The Call of Podcast (http://callofpodcast.squarespace.com/ ) a videogame podcast I recently started listening to. And I already got me a prize! so if you're a contest/prize whore, you might also like CallOfPodcast. Seriously they put on a good show. I'm not affiliated with the show but thought I'd plug it here and maybe point some new listeners their way...

Blog volt1up > slow internet

Posted 29 March 2010


this ad loaded really slowly

Blog volt1up > Watched Trick 'r Treat?

Posted 16 October 2009

For those who saw it, did it live up to your expectations?

I wont say I'm disappointed with it but, definitely not what I was expecting, not really "scary", it is entertaining though.