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In Topic: Vinatge stereos and vinyl?

15 July 2014 - 07:45 AM

Can anyone recommend a sweet turntable that's fairly cheap? Also if anyone could recommend some speakers?

In Topic: 2014 Yardsale thread

08 June 2014 - 03:21 AM

First time yard saling in a while, started at my dad's place and went to the burbs, first sale FFVII, FFVIII missing a disc FFVIX and Tactics missing the manual plus some Ace Combat PS2 game for $20, I could've offered way less for them but I was so surprised to see them at my first sale in over a year and the lady said to make an offer, I just blurted out $20, probably could've offered a dollar each but oh well. She said all the other PS2 games were sold yesterday someone probably bought them to bring to mexico and passed on PS1 since they're older. Overall I spent about $200 and got a wii, a DSi XL, 2 DS Lites, and a bunch of games with a decent amount of mario games and a couple pokemons but nothing else very exciting, 2 wii fits both with boards, and a ukulele. I was hoping to find some older cartridge games but no luck, it is surprising to buy a DS lite for so cheap now, one for $5 haggled from 10 with no games, and one with 8 games and a loose hinge for $15, the wii was $20 because I bought their DSXL with games and some wii games for $70, then asked about the wii and they brought that out. The uk is Cordova brand and looks to be worth at least $50. And random game bundles for fairly cheap, people are selling PS2 Gamecube and even 360 games sometimes for $1 each or less now. Should be able to make about $500 off all the stuff, it was an alright day of stuff that's pretty uninteresting but easy to sell, I was hoping to find some SNES or NES games or something cool but I have played and sold many copies of literally every game found that wasn't a crappy movie game.