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Anime Figures ^^ > Would anyone be interested in a figure review blog?

Posted 15 January 2014

Please leave a comment or any expectations, just not sure if an audience exists.

Blog SuxoR > Too many games

Posted 06 July 2008

Have any of you CAGs ever had too many games? I've always played Warcraft 3 and last month I downloaded the "Condemned" demo because it sounded interesting on the CAGcast. A few days after DLing it I went to a local store and found it for 10 bucks...bought it before you could say bluebery pie...well not that fast but pretty fast. My cousin came to stay wi...

Blog SuxoR > New CAG 2.0 Blogs

Posted 02 July 2008

Well CAG 2.0 is here and it looks as good as the food Cheapy eats on a daily basis. I already have a Blogger blog but I figure I can shift some stories over here and my crazy antics can get more exposure.

I've also made my triumphant return to B.net with Warcraft 3 :D