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25% off CronusMAX Plus w/free Priority shipping

24 November 2016 - 03:42 PM

25% off your order of a CronusMAX Plus with/without addons, comes with free Priority shipping too.  The GOAT controller converter, especially if you want to use the X1 Elite on a PS4.  Cheapest it's ever been outside of that random $40 PUR-only sale Gamestop had a few weeks back.





Barnes & Noble: Song of the Deep LE PS4 for $25 shipped

24 September 2016 - 08:16 PM



This is the actual LE bundle with the steelbook game + novel and not just the book.  Why B&N of all places is selling it...I have no idea.  Since it's $0.35 over $25 it qualifies for free shipping, too.  Great for people like me who missed out on the GameStop preorders.

GameStop.com Xbox One console deals: Elite w/$50 digital GC $350, more

17 June 2016 - 05:41 AM

Did  a search and didn't see this posted yet:




Even with the S model coming out soon this seems like the best deal to jump in on the Xbox One.  Net cost of $300 for the current best version of the console plus a $150 premium controller is crazy.


EDIT: It seems like there are a bunch of XB1 bundles on the website with the $50 digital GC.  These are for shipping only and not for instore pickup.


A few 500GB bare consoles w/digital game code and digital $50 GC, no link since it's a bad deal compared to the rest.

500GB Kinect bundle w/$50 digital GC $279

500GB Gears of War UE bundle w/digital Forza 6 and $50 digital GC $279

500GB Gears of War UE bundle w/digital Rise of the Tomb Raider and $50 digital GC $279

500GB Gears of War UE bundle w/digital Rare Replay and $50 digital GC $279

500GB Lego the Movie bundle w/$50 digital GC $279

1TB Triple Bundle w/$50 digital GC $299

1TB Spring bundle w/$50 digital GC $299

1TB Rainbow Six Siege bundle w/$50 digital GC $299

1TB The Division bundle w/$50 digital GC $299



TRU Headset Deals: DI Marvel $25 online, Xbox 360 X12 $20 instore

01 June 2016 - 11:46 PM

We were at a few local TRUs over the past week and I noticed that the Turtle Beach X12 headset for Xbox 360 is marked down to $19.98:




When I checked out the website to find more (wasn't listed) I noticed that the Disney Infinity Marvel headset is marked down to $24.98.


Damn good deals on both if you need a headset, even if the Marvel one is a bit fugly.