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AssaultSuit's Riot Shield > Unboxing for the Azpen A700 ($39.99 7" Android 4.2 Tablet)

Posted 27 November 2013

I bought a cheap tablet from Microcenter and made a dumb video about opening it up and trying it out:

AssaultSuit's Riot Shield > The Life & Times of Tim Finally on DVD!

Posted 10 February 2010

I saw a couple episodes of this show at my in-laws in 2008 and loved it! Not having HBO myself, I pre-ordered the season 1 set on Feb 16th, 2009. It was originally scheduled to be released on March 24th, 2009.

But it wasn't released. No excuses given, no reason to believe it wasn't canceled altogether.

Nearly a year passed, and I gave it little thoug...

AssaultSuit's Riot Shield > Goozex Trade Gone Bad, Turned Good!

Posted 06 February 2010

I got Borderlands for the 360 from Goozex about a week ago. The disc got loose during shipment and got scuff marks all over it. No deep scratches, but it didn't play or install. I called a bunch of local places to see if they had a disc resurfacing machine. No luck. Wound up giving a negative to the sender, even though I felt really bad about it. He...

AssaultSuit's Riot Shield > My $199 PS3 Bundle Arrived, More From Black Friday Too!

Posted 01 December 2008


So there it is. All that for $199 shipped! I didn't need another PS3, so I'm passing the deal on to a friend of mine. All except LBP that is. ;)

Subtotal of Items: $567.00
Shipping & Handling: $0.00
Customers Vote: -$368.00
Total for this Order: $199.00



This is all the video game related shopping I...

AssaultSuit's Riot Shield > "CAG Contest riles up Self-Righteous Stick up their Asses Game Journalists"

Posted 19 September 2008

2469 Credit for title goes to byrc at kotaku.