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Blog mitch079 > Friend's son needs some prayers

Posted 30 December 2011

If you would keep Tyler Rolison in your thoughts and prayers, I'd greatly appreciate it. He's a son of a friend of mine and he was involved in a car accident that broke his C3-C7 vertebrae. He has feeling in his body and extremities but cannot move his fingers or lower extremities. He has damage to the front of his spinal cord. He will be transferred to t...

Blog mitch079 > Post Office actually came through

Posted 19 May 2010

So, last week, I had a package from Gamestop with a couple of games scheduled to deliver on the 10th. It went out for delivery that day but never showed up. I waited a day before contacting them to see if it would deliver on the 11th. It didn't so I went in person to the sorting facility to see if they could find it. Nada. Talked to the postman on th...

Blog mitch079 > Kanye West has gone too far!

Posted 05 October 2009


Blog mitch079 > So it appears Mana Knight blocked me from reading his blogs

Posted 07 January 2009

You know, normally I'd think of something witty to say but all I can say is that it speaks volumes about his maturity. Good luck with life Mana. You definitely need it.

Blog mitch079 > Picked up some cheap ass Bar goods @ Target for 4.99 each

Posted 04 January 2009

Posted this in the Other Deals section but I don't know if everyone would see it. Anyway, was at a local Target today looking at all the endcaps and found some $20 Budweiser, Miller, Coors, and Guinness gift sets clearanced at 75% off. Everything but Guinness has a "Retro Style" to it. Picked up a total of 5 which consisted of:

Budweiser - 1 Metal Tra...