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Blog chickenboybryan > Vault-tec around the world

Posted 14 November 2008

I want to share the vault-tec with everyone. I sending a Vault-tec lunch box to a fiend with 2 things in it, one to use right then and there the other to make the trip to aftermath. I just want everyone to sign and date it(aka the lunch.) In the end i would like to see it but just let me know where it is at.

Blog chickenboybryan > Corndogs and red wine= getting some? aka nothing.

Posted 25 September 2008

I found out this weekend that money has a bit to do with gals. It has been some time but the still like what cash gives them. I think that online dating might be the way to go///////lol. I am not there yet but almost. I think I NEED A FEW WEEKS OR MORE TO GET MY GAME BACK. Game ...if I know what that means anymore.

Blog chickenboybryan > Corndogs and red wine= getting some?

Posted 19 September 2008

I have to make dinner, she has my cc cards ect. I have $50 bucks. All I can thing of is corndogs and wine. I HAVE BEEN OUT OF DATING FOR TO LONG. need help. please. A few years went by just need help getting back into the game.