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In Topic: Mountain Dew "Green Label Gear" Orange and Red Special Caps Promo - S...

15 November 2009 - 10:09 PM

here are some codes from the aluminum bottles.
someone posted on another forum.
they are re-usable codes, but since this was posted
today - guess we can't re-use them.
oh well, heres to 6 free entries. YAY !! :bouncy:




be sure to use the other box when you enter these codes.
too bad they didn't post them sooner.
more folks could have had more entries.

In Topic: Official Trade/Give Away Your Disney Movie Rewards

03 November 2009 - 09:28 AM

According to the slickdeals disney thread,

Thursday Nov. 5TH is DOUBLE POINTS DAY ! :bouncy:

No other information given, gonna wait and see.

Hope this is true. this will boost the account balance.

Good Luck Everyone.

In Topic: My Coke Rewards is dead, long live Coke Rewards. Or not.

01 November 2009 - 08:22 AM

Does anyone know if the 25 points from monopoly count toward your weekly total? When does the week officially end?

... from the mcr site ...

Your Points Tracker will
automatically reset on
Monday at 12 a.m. ET.

sunday night @ midnight = 12 a.m. monday
hope this helps, also regarding the monopoly mcr ...

Of course, you can still earn Bonus Points anytime, even though you've reached the weekly limit.

In Topic: My Coke Rewards is dead, long live Coke Rewards. Or not.

28 October 2009 - 05:58 PM

I just tried entering some diet coke codes and did not get the double points. They are caps from 20 oz bottles. Do I need to try something different or does it just take time to show up.

they should show up instantly. however, according to
someone on another forum - here is their post ...

Thanks..That stinks for me! I have 127 diet coke caps and my husband and sons account aren't eligible for the doubling.

I call the toll free # and she looked up their account and said it was only for select accounts. But she gave me 5 point for my trouble!! UGH

when I redeemed mine, it showed 6pts on the screen but only 3 pts will count against the point tracker.

also from another post ...
24pk diet coke/caff free diet 20pt codes ARE DOUBLING
and apparently new mcr accounts do not double.
Guess its a YMMV type of thing, that or Coke needs
to get new programmers :lol: HTH !

In Topic: My Coke Rewards is dead, long live Coke Rewards. Or not.

28 October 2009 - 07:38 AM

Double MCR Points for Diet Coke Wednesday October 28.

here is some info I thought might be helpful,
thanks to some folks on a different forum.

Caffeine Free Diet Coke flap (gold) - doubled :bouncy:

Red coke bottle caps with a WHITE Bottle on top - gives option 'Diet Cherry Coke ' -doubled :bouncy:

Red coke bottle caps with a RED Bottle on top - do not have a 'Diet Coke' option -Do NOT double :roll:

Coke Zero flap (black) -Did NOT double:roll:

Green & Black caps - do not double:roll:

I entered all the silver caps I had, and thought that was
going to be it. Then I found this post so I tried the red caps with white bottle, and they also doubled. only had about 3 flaps which did double, so better than nothing.
hope this info helps someone, like it helped me.