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Blog xSICx SLAUGHTER > Thoughts on Borderlands

Posted 27 October 2009

I have recently been playing borderlands with some of my buddies from school. I have used both the charcters Mordecai and Lilth but have not yet found out any of these eradian weapons. I dont know if it is because both of my guys are only around twenty five or if they are randomly dropped so if any one has any thoughts on these eradian weapons or the game...

Blog xSICx SLAUGHTER > Problems Trading or Buying

Posted 03 September 2009

Yes i am looking for games to trade or buy but whenever i got to click on them to buy or trade a screen pops up and says that i am supposed to enter in the beta that i received in my e-mail but i never got a code so what am i supposed to do?

Blog xSICx SLAUGHTER > Beta for MAG on PS3

Posted 01 September 2009

Yea wondering on what the deal is with sony if they are just sending out codes to random people for the MAG beta to test the servers? Or if they are going to release an actual beta for the game hit me up if any one knows what the hell is goin on